Academic Excellence Committee

The Academic Excellence Committee provides oversight and guidance in College practices that recognize and encourage academic excellence.  The Committee may recommend policy and procedure updates to recognize and encourage academic excellence; identify student recipients of academic awards; promote and enhance student and faculty participation in honor societies, academic awards, honors programs; and identify new ways to recognize academic excellence.

Advising Committee

Advising of students is central to the college’s mission. This cross-functional committee of staff and faculty meets regularly to discuss issues related to academic advising. The committee maintains a clearinghouse of best practices in academic advising, updates the college's advising manual, guides training for new advisors, and facilitates professional development.

Chemical Hygiene Committee

Subjects addressed include but are not limited to, minimization of stored chemicals, hazardous chemical disposal, laboratory health and safety issues and regulatory compliance.

Critical Incident Response Planning Team

This group is charged with providing leadership in the event of a critical incident on campus. Emphasis is placed on prevention, and communication for the campus if an event were to occur.


Curriculum & Instruction Committee

The Curriculum and Instruction Committee is responsible for reviewing matters related to the operation of the college's educational (curriculum) programs. Some of the specific duties of the committee are to make recommendations regarding the approval of new programs, the approval of curriculum revisions for existing programs and to provide guidance/positions on related academic matters.

Disciplinary Review Committee

The Disciplinary Review Committee may serve as the Student Grievance Committee for Non-academic Matters or, at the direction of the president, a new committee may be formed for each grievance. The committee makeup and method of appointment will be the same as for the Disciplinary Review Committee. This committee will not address academic complaints about grades, methods of instruction, or routine classroom policies and/or procedures.

E-Learning Committee

The E-Learning Committee will provide guidance and support for instructor, student, and course effectiveness in online and hybrid modalities. This will include the development and enhancement of processes and practices to support the successful implementation of Instruction and Student Service e-learning objectives. The successful implementation of those objectives assures effectively developed courses, appropriately prepared students, and adequately supported instructors.


Ethnic and Gender Diversity Committee

This committee is primarily responsible for the compliance and reporting of diversity activities. Diversity is based on better understanding and tolerance of the cultural heritage, perspectives, viewpoints and experiences of others.

Faculty and Staff Advancement Advisory Council

The Faculty and Staff Advancement Advisory Council serves primarily to provide insight and advice to SCC Foundation Leadership while also advocating internally and externally for the College's fundraising arm to help ensure educational excellence at the College.

Faculty Senate

The purposes of this organization are:
  • To promote excellence in education.
  • To support the vision and mission of the college.
  • To provide academic leadership.
  • To provide a forum to discuss institutional issues.
  • To promote better communication within the college community.
  • To hear the views of all faculty.
  • To be an accountable voice in the decision-making process.


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