Fun Team

The Fun Team identifies and coordinates fun activities and events to promote employee collegiality, teambuilding, and workplace enjoyment.

General Education Committee

The General Education committee provides for ongoing review of Southwestern's general education competencies, how they are taught in Arts and Sciences courses and reinforced in program courses, and how the results of general education competency assessment are used to improve teaching and learning. The committee is led by Arts and Sciences faculty and administration and includes members from each academic division to ensure cross-functional communication and decision-making.

Health and Safety Committee

The Health and Safety Committee is a college-wide advisory committee. The committee has responsibility for periodic reviews of college safety programs including the Safety Plan, Chemical Hygiene Program, Infectious Disease/Exposure Control Program, Hazard Communication Program, Lockout/Tagout of Hazardous Energy, and Forklift Operator Safety Program. The committee serves as a venue for discussion of safety concerns.

Institutional Effectiveness Committee

The Institutional Effectiveness Committee is responsible for providing input into institutional effectiveness methodology, survey design and content and related matters. The Committee is primarily advisory and all recommendations from the Committee are forwarded to the President’s Cabinet for review and action.

Institutional Review Board

The Institutional Review Board provides critical oversight functions for college research projects involving human subjects that are scientific, ethical, or regulatory in nature. In accordance with the Research Act of 1973, members will meet on an as needed basis to make informed decisions on whether various research projects of the college are ethical, informed consent is sufficient, and appropriate safeguards have been put in place.

PEAK Steering Committee

The PEAK Steering Committee is responsible for guiding the training, implementation, marketing, and assessment to support the goals of the Professional Exploration and Knowledge (PEAK) initiative. The goals of the PEAK initiative are: To enhance student learning as related to career exploration and informed decision making; and to strengthen student understanding of career pathways leading to success in career and academic planning.

President’s Council

The President's Council is designed to provide broad-based participation in the college planning process. Chairmanship of the committee will be rotated with chair serving a one-year term. This group primarily serves in an advisory capacity

Professional Development Committee

This cross-functional committee will provide advice and guidance on major initiatives associated with professional development.

SACSCOC Leadership Team

The SACSCOC Leadership Team provides coordination and oversight of SCC's reaffirmation of accreditation.  The Team ensures progress towards meeting milestone dates, provides final review and approval of compliance certification reports, gives formative evaluation and guidance during development of the quality enhancement plan, and facilitates timely communication and updates to constituents.

SCC Cares Committee

The purpose of the Community Service Committee is to facilitate volunteer opportunities for interested faculty, staff, and students who wish to contribute to their communities. The committee will identify and coordinate participation of college employees in one or two larger community service projects each year.


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