Sexual Awareness for Everyone (S.A.F.E.) Committee

As required by federal law, the Sexual Awareness for Everyone (S.A.F.E.) Committee will develop and periodically review a primary prevention and awareness program that promotes awareness of rape, acquaintance rape, domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking to educate all students and college employees on sexual violence.

Student Life Committee

The Student Life Committee is responsible for the development and oversight of Student Life and Student Activities programming at the college. The committee has responsibility for developing an annual calendar of student life and activity events and will assist in monitoring the spending of the Student Activity fees paid by students. The committee will have oversight of the formation and activities of student clubs and organizations. Committee membership includes representation from students, faculty and staff.

Student Success Committee

The college is actively involved in efforts to improve student engagement and success. This cross-functional group will change focus on planning and reviewing strategies for improving the quality of students’ experiences from inquiry to graduation. The group will review student retention and persistence statistics, enrollment indicators of attrition and student engagement survey results and will develop strategies for improvement where needed.

Technology Committee

This cross-functional committee will provide advice and guidance on major initiatives associated with instruction and student related technology. This committee is not intended to replace the ongoing operations within the IT Department.

Web and Electronic Resources Accessibility Committee

The Web and Electronic Resources Accessibility Committee will assess SCC’s Internet and electronic resources for accessibility to persons with disabilities, develop a plan to ensure adherence to standards of accessibility, and provide support in the ongoing implementation, evaluation and revision of that plan.  Web and electronic resources include the College website, online, hybrid and web-assisted courses, electronic support tools and services, instructional resources, and digitally recorded and/or streaming events

Wellness Committee

The Wellness Committee attends to the wellness program designed to enrich the physical, mental, emotional, occupational, and spiritual well-being for college employees.


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