Course Management

Course outline

Course outlines and current syllabuses are maintained in the Division office. The general course outline includes course number/title, catalog description including prerequisites/corequisites, textbook information, course objectives, typical methods of instruction and student assessment. The outline provides the college’s basic assumptions about each course and assures a base level of consistency among course sections. Instructors are expected to provide much more detail on their individual course syllabuses.

Credit By Exam

A student can receive credit for a course through proficiency examination (only available in selected courses identified by program coordinators / department chair). No more than one-half of the required credit for a degree or a diploma may be earned through "Credit by Exam" unless otherwise approved by the Executive Vice President for Instruction and Student Services.


Southwestern Community College respects the privacy and confidentiality of student information consistent with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), which regulates the release of student information. SCC faculty members have a responsibility to retain and dispose of a student’s record according to the guidelines published in the Records Retention and Disposition Schedule by the NC Community College systems.

Grade Reports

Grade Reports are due shortly after the end of the term, however you should submit them as soon as they are ready. Specific due dates are listed in the catalog and you will receive reminder emails from the registrar and potentially your academic dean.

Grading - Incompletes

An “I,” or incomplete in Web Attendance, indicates that a student has been doing acceptable work in the course but has not completed all required work. A minimum of 80 percent of course requirements must have been completed for the student to be eligible for an “I” contract. It is the student’s responsibility to have this deficiency removed within ten class days after the beginning of the following semester or the grade will automatically be changed to an “F.” An “I” does not count as hours attempted or as hours earned.


All new faculty are observed by the academic dean during the first semester. Written feedback as well as a discussion offer you an opportunity for input.


Students are not registered until they turn in registration forms and pay all fees. If a student is not on your class roll but has been attending class, direct that student to see his or her adviser, a dean, or the registrar immediately.

If you have more students in your class than you have seats, arrangements can be made to move your class to a larger room. Please let your supervisor know if this happens so that he or she can help you find another room and so that we will know where you are.

Student opinion surveys

The college conducts surveys to gain feedback from students at the midpoint of your first semester, and at the end of term, each subsequent semester.  The survey is anonymous and results will be shared with you after the end of the semester. You are encouraged to seek formative and summative feedback from your students on your own at any time.


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