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Discipline Procedures for Non-Academic Related Violations

The code of student conduct is published in Policy 6.03.02: Standards of Student Conduct.  Non-Academic Related Violations to the student code of conduct include:
  • A. Theft and Property Damage
  • B. Trespass
  • C. Drugs and Alcohol  
  • D. Lewd and Indecent Behavior  
  • E. Mental/Physical Abuse  
  • F. Assault
  • G. Domestic Violence
  • H. Sexual Assault  


Southwestern Community College respects the privacy and confidentiality of student information consistent with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), which regulates the release of student information. SCC faculty members have a responsibility to retain and dispose of a student’s record according to the guidelines published in the Records Retention and Disposition Schedule by the NC Community College systems.

SAT Team

SCC created a Student Assessment Team (SAT) to assist in promoting a safe teaching and learning environment.

The SAT team is charged with:
1) Prevention of inappropriate student behaviors, and
2) Providing early intervention for students exhibiting concerning behaviors.
The SAT team is a cross-functional group composed of faculty and staff who have education, training and experience in assessing and offering behavioral interventions.

Student Behavior Concerns Portal

The Student Concerns Portal program allows SCC faculty and staff to identify students who are at risk and to initiate immediate intervention with the students as soon as problems are identified. This process enables SCC to track all contacts and intervention efforts and share information appropriately with the student and others who can help the student to be successful. Our goal is to improve student success.

Risks being monitored follow:
  • Class attendance
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