Grading Scales

The college asks instructors to place their grading scale within their syllabus as they vary among college division.  Generally either a 10 point or 7 point scale is used. Check with your academic dean for further clarification.

Honors Program

The Honors Program at Southwestern Community College is designed to pair faculty and students to develop term long projects to award eligible students with Honors Credit.  It is a great way to stay connected with current research and mentor students.

This link will take you to information about the Honors Program

Syllabus Requirements

  • Instructor Information
    • Name and Availability
    • Contact information, such as office location, hours, e-mail, phone, and URL
  • Course / Section Information
    • Term & Year – (for example, Fall 2012)
    • Course Number
    • Course Title
    • Catalog Course Description – (including prerequisites and/or co-requisites)
  • Tentative schedule of coursework (or information about how to access this information in the online course shell)
  • Course Objectives or Competencies
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