Teaching and Learning Support


E-Learning is here to support you with your online, hybrid, and technology-enhanced courses. We strive to be a partner to support you in the creative application of technology, instructional design consultations, and professional development opportunities.

We hold an E-Learning Open Lab every Thursday from 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Feel free to drop in and we'll be happy to assist you.
This link will take you to the e-learning website.  

Honors Program

The Honors Program at Southwestern Community College is designed to pair faculty and students to develop term long projects to award eligible students with Honors Credit.  It is a great way to stay connected with current research and mentor students.

This link will take you to information about the Honors Program

Learning Assistance Centers

The Learning Assistance Centers provide drop-in and longer term tutorial support for students, as well as test proctoring for online classes. Class presentations surrounding their services can be scheduled.  This link will take you to more information about the Learning Assistance Centers


Faculty are encouraged to use materials from the Library to develop their courses.  The library offers bibliographic instruction and web based research guides for students.  In addition they welcome your input in developing the library collection to support your specific program needs.   Library Materials can be accessed using this link(Login Required)

Professional Development

Southwestern is committed to the continuing growth and development of its faculty. The College expects individual faculty members to take initiative in establishing and achieving goals for their professional development.
Development encompasses two major areas: teaching and learning and professional engagement.  While this plan provides flexibility to meet your individual needs, there also is responsibility and accountability. At your end-of-year evaluation (Performance Evaluation), you will be expected to provide the documentation verifying your development activities.


SafeAssign is a plagiarism prevention and detection tool available through the Blackboard LMS. This link will take you to tutorials which explain how to use SafeAssign, or feel free to contact the E-Learning Department for support.
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