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Associate in General Education (AGE) - Nursing

The Associate in General Education - Nursing curriculum is designed for the academic enrichment of students who wish to be considered for application to the Associate degree nursing program.

Course work includes study in a selection of non-nursing courses in the areas of English composition, math, humanities, and significant interest in science. This curriculum targets the needs of prospective nursing students to obtain an understanding of therapeutic communication, human anatomy, chemistry and psychology.  

Created with approvals between the State Board of Community Colleges and the UNC Board of Governors, the AGE- Nursing curriculum provides coursework toward the ADN nursing program while taking courses that fit into the general education requirements of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree.
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Associate in General Education (AGE) - Nursing
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This curriculum labels the student as a prospective applicant to the nursing program. However, because nursing program admissions are competitive, no student is guaranteed admission to the program.

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