Health Sciences - Human Services Technology

HST - Human Services Technology, AAS

This curriculum prepares students for entry-level positions in institutions and agencies which provide social, community, and mental health and substance abuse services.  Along with core courses, students take courses which prepare them for specialization in working with people who have mental health and substance abuse issues.

Courses are designed to prepare students to learn skills in interviewing, group process, crisis intervention and general helping skills while continually developing self-understanding throughout the courses of study. Emphasis in core courses is placed on development of relevant knowledge, skills, and attitudes in the counseling and helping fields.  Fieldwork experience will provide opportunities for application of knowledge and skills learned in the classroom, in realistic settings with appropriate supervision provided.

Graduates should qualify or have an advantage for positions in mental health, child care, family services, social services, rehabilitation, correction, and educational agencies.

Graduates choosing to continue their education may transfer to Western Carolina University’s Social Work Program as a junior under our articulation agreement. A degree in Social Work increases opportunities for employment in Mental Health, Nursing homes, Veterans services, Hospitals, Elementary and High schools, child protective services, jails and prisons, and Vocational Rehabilitation.

Human Services Technology, AAS - Program of Study - Course Information & Admissions Criteria
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HST - Human Services Technology, AAS
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Lori Clancy
Human Services Technology/Substance Abuse Treatment Program Coordinator
800.447.4092, ext. 4397
Human Services Technology/Substance Abuse Treatment Clinical Coordinator
800.447.4092, ext. 4319