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New HyFlex technology allows hybrid classes to continue

Jun 7 2021
Many are breathing a sigh of relief as normalcy begins to return, and students eagerly await their return to
traditional classes. 

For those who may still be anxious, however, Southwestern Community College is offering opportunities to pursue their education from the comfort of students’ homes so that they may feel safe.

This fall, SCC instructors will be offering courses through HyFlex, a course delivery system where instructors teach on campus while students attend class remotely.

While SCC will still be returning to normal functions, this new method gives students the option to attend class in a way that feels safest for them.

Every semester after classes begin, SCC offers a selection of courses to allow new students an opportunity to enroll and current students can increase their courseload.

“The events of the last year reminded us of everyday challenges that can make completing your education
harder than it should be,” said SCC’s Dean of Teaching and Learning Support Bethany Emory. “HyFlex and Enroll Anytime classes are designed to make it a little easier for students to accomplish their educational goals.”

A camera and microphone will track instructor as they teach, allowing students to learn in real time and access recordings at a later time.

SCC’s E-Learning Department will be providing support to ensure that the technology works properly and the instructors can use it at its full potential.

For more information about HyFlex, contact Emory at b_emory[at]southwesterncc[dot]edu or 828.339.4261.

                                                     A List of HyFlex Courses for Fall 2021: