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Smarthinking (ST) provides online tutoring for SCC students.

What is Smarthinking?

Smarthinking (ST) is an online-tutoring service designed for students who are taking core academic courses. Online learning assistance is available from tutors in mathematics, computer & technology (Word, Access, Excel, etc.), business, science, Spanish, and writing for all subjects. Click here for a detailed list of subjects and topics.

Who can use ST?

Each SCC student is given (free of charge) 240 minutes per semester of online assistance. Beginning September 24, 2017, each essay submission no longer will "cost" 42 minutes. Instead, this extended review - as well as paragraph review, drop-in assistance (live via whiteboard), and responses to submitted questions - will be metered to the minute.

How do I access ST?

SCC students access and use ST via Blackboard (Bb). Simply click on the “Online Tutoring” button after logging in to one of your courses.

What services does ST provide?

Writing Center – Students may submit essays and receive a critique from a ST tutor, usually within 24 hours. ST will alert students via email when their essay and report have been returned. They may access this information from their Archives after clicking on “Review My Sessions and Submissions.”
Drop-In Tutoring – Students also may work live, via whiteboard, with an ST tutor simply by selecting the subject. Starting Fall Semester 2017, assistance for all subjects listed in this section is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Scheduled Tutoring – Students also may make appointments, 48 hours in advance, to meet with a ST tutor. Sessions with audio may be scheduled within this area.
Offline Questions – Instead of working with a tutor live, students may submit questions offline and receive a detailed response from a tutor within 24 hours. Note that students should plan to request this option early at mid-term and in the final couple weeks of classes, in order to avoid delays. Students will get an email (or text alert if they have added their phone number to their account) when their reply is ready.
Study Aides - ST provides access to 1,500 mathematics tutorials, an accounting study guide, and a Writer’s Handbook.

Will the tutors give me answers?

No! As is the case with Consultants/tutors in the SCC Learning Assistance Center/Tutor Program, ST tutors will not provide answers but instead will assist students in learning skills so that they can work their problems correctly. Tutors provide feedback, reminders, examples, and encouragement, but students are required to perform the work and figure the answers themselves. For essay submissions, students will receive a response with information to improve their writing. Also, the tutor will add notes and questions throughout the paper; however, again, it is up to the student to make any changes to the essay. Students may visit the SCC Learning Assistance Center (LAC) for help with understanding their ST reports. Sample sessions, both live and written, may be found by clicking on this link.

How can I learn more about ST?

See the next section "Tutorials for Smarthinking Help." Also, you may contact the online tutoring coordinator (ext. 4325) and/or visit www.smarthinking.com for more information.

Tutorials for ST Help:

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For Instructors:

FAQ Faculty Link
Smarthinking Faculty Flyer
Smarthinking Webinars

New Features Available at Academic Resources Accessible via Blackboard!

We are excited to announce the addition of MyCourseTools to the Smarthinking Academic Resources. Students, you now are able to access a dynamic online library of digital assets (simulations, videos, animations, figures, virtual labs, interactive tutorials, podcasts, and documents) that will engage you and enhance your learning experiences within the following disciplines:  Information Technology, Criminal Justice, Business, Automotive, and Geology and Earth Science. As always, no tutoring time is deducted for the use of any of the Academic Resources.

For more information or assistance:

LAC and Online Tutoring Coordinator
Oaks Hall, Room 101 
828.339.4325 or 800.447.4091, x4325
Students may also click on the ST Customer Service tab in Smarthinking for problems that occur outside normal business hours.

See Smarthinking's website: www.smarthinking.com. Remember, the only way to access Smarthinking to use it for tutoring is through a Blackboard course site (not through the Smarthinking website).