Learning Assistance

Tutor Program


Two weeks after each fall/spring semester begins, click on the "Tutoring" button in any Moodle course to schedule free SCC in-house tutoring sessions. Click "Start Now" at the bottom of the left side of the split screen that appears. (You may use Online Tutoring on the right side of the screen.) If you experience any problems or need help, please call part-time Tutor Program Coordinator Julie Bennett at 828.339.4304, email tutoring[at]southwesterncc[dot]edu or visit the Tutor Program office in the back of the Jackson LAC on the upper level of Oaks Hall. You also may get help with this process, as well as with accessing and using Online Tutoring, in the Jackson and Macon LACs. 

This program offers free ongoing tutoring services for students (tutees) who need help in curriculum courses.  Tutoring is provided by trained tutors, many of whom have College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA) certification.

Will tutoring really help me?

During 2018-19, the program's overall success rate was 87.88%, which means this percentage of students earned a passing grade (C or above) in the class(es) for which they received tutoring services!

Who can schedule tutor sessions?  

Any SCC student may schedule one session or more sessions. After scheduling even one session, part-time Tutor Program Coordinator Julie Bennett will contact you to confirm the appointment.  She also will ask if you need more help. Note that fulfillment of tutor services depends on scheduling and availability of tutors.

Will a tutor do my work for me?

The short answer is “no.” As is the case with LAC Consultants, highly qualified and trained Peer and Non-Peer tutors provide encouragement, problem-solving strategies, examples, feedback, and gentle reminders as students ponder and complete their work in a safe, engaging, motivational environment. Mentors focus not only on “what” to learn but also incorporate approaches for “how” to learn.

What are the requirements to be a tutor?

All tutors must have earned a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 and an "A" or a "B" in each course being tutored. SCC’s Tutor Program is certified and provides necessary training for the position. Tutors are positive role models who promote academic excellence and professional behavior.

How do I become a tutor?

We always are looking for individuals who will positively contribute to the success of students served by the Tutor Program!  If you meet the requirements to be a tutor, please complete an online application.  

Are you a faculty member and know someone who would be an effective tutor for SCC students?  

If so, please share a tutor flyer with the student who meets the requirements and displays the aptitude and attitude to be a Tutor.

Also, please complete a tutor referral form. Then, Tutor Program Coordinator Julie Bennett will contact the student.