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Library Activities for Summer 2019

Jun 6 2019
The Smoky Mountain STEM Collaborative would like to invite local children to have some fun at the following library events this month: 


6/6- Bryson City Library at 2 p.m.- Moon Model and Oreos- Use models of the of the Sun, Moon and Earth to explore moon phases, and then create oreo cookie models to match each phase. 

6/19- Cashiers Library at 3 p.m.- Moon Myth Puzzle- Analyze moon trivia and determine if it's true or false. Then, children will use this trivia to complete a moon puzzle. Children also be prompted to write your own moon poetry.

6/20- Bryson City Library at 2 p.m.- Moon Myth Puzzle- *see above* 

6/25- Franklin Library at 10 a.m.- S'mores by Solar Oven- Cook s'mores with a solar oven, handmade from cereal boxes. 

6/26- Cashiers Library at 3 p.m.- Moon Math and Craters- Use models to calculate various properties of the moon, such as how far away it is from the earth. Then, children will use water balloons to analyze craters and look for meteorites.