Minutes - Board of Trustees Meeting
Last updated 9/26/02

Southwestern Community College

January 22, 2002, 6:00 P.M. - SCC Campus


Trustees   College Staff  
Conrad Burrell Ed Madden Cecil Groves Janet Burnette
Joshua Greenley Quayle Neslen Sharon Grasty Beth Graham
Paul Holt Jerry Sutton Jim Campbell Susan McCaskill
Earl Hooper Jan Unger Gene Couch Joan Moulton
George Hooper Kate Welch Connie Haire Chuck Reece
Harvey Hyatt   George Stanley Hank Shuler
    Dwight Wiggins Scott Sutton

Guest: Myrna Campbell

The Board of Trustees of Southwestern Community College met for its regular quarterly meeting, with dinner preceding the meeting at 6:00 p.m., on January 22, 2002.

Chairman Conrad Burrell called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Mr. Holt made a motion to approve the minutes of the quarterly meeting of October 23, 2001 and special meeting of November 15, 2001. Mr. Sutton seconded the motion which carried.


President - Cecil Groves

No report.

Business Services - George Stanley

No report.

Continuing Education - Dwight Wiggins

Vice President Wiggins called upon Susan McCaskill to provide an update on classes and activities at the Public Safety Training Complex. Ms. McCaskill reported that the first online EMS class has completed and twenty people have expressed an interest in the next class. An online class in cybercrime will begin in January and a seminar in network investigation will be offered in March. These offerings were designed to introduce law enforcement members to the area of cybercrime. The Public Safety Complex is doing more rapid deployment (SWAT) training and is also starting to provide training for several new agencies including the North Carolina Highway Patrol. Thirty-one
students are currently enrolled in the National Park Service training session. Construction is progressing on the driver training range and grading is almost finished at the site.

Instructional Services - Gene Couch

Approval has been received for the Therapeutic Massage program and classes started this semester. SCC has the only community college massage program west of Hickory. Dr. Couch will provide a full briefing to the Board at the April quarterly meeting.

Student/Institutional Development - Connie Haire

No report.

Technology/Telecommunications - Jim Campbell

Vice President Campbell distributed and reviewed a handout detailing the resources and agencies served by the college telecommunications system. A backup generator has been purchased to provide support to the computer center in the event of a power shortage. The generator will be able to maintain power for several days. This is crucial in relation to the support the computer center provides to both the college and outside agencies.


Vice President Wiggins gave a brief update on continuing education enrollment. He noted that the Fall reporting period for continuing education has just ended so a detailed report is not available at this time.

Vice President Wiggins presented the Self-Supporting Class Policy for approval. Mr. Sutton made a motion that the Self-supporting Class Policy be approved. Mr. Holt seconded the motion which carried.

Vice President Couch reviewed the New Student Survey Summary. The Institutional Research and Planning Office administers and compiles the survey of new SCC students each fall. The purpose of the survey is to gather data which will provide information on the background of the students, their rate of satisfaction with various college services, and help identify the most effective advertising methods to recruit students.

Vice President Couch presented the College Calendar 2002-2003 for approval. Mr. Unger made a motion that the College Calendar 2002-2003 be approved. Mr. Earl Hooper seconded the motion which carried.

Vice President Couch presented the Multiple Degrees/Diplomas/Certificates Policy for approval. Mr. Holt made a motion that the Multiple Degrees/Diplomas/Certificates Policy be approved. Mr. Madden seconded the motion which carried.

Vice President Haire provided a quarterly update on activities and highlights for the Student and Institutional Development area.

Dr. Haire introduced Myrna Campbell, Director of Enrollment Services. Ms. Campbell reported on the college's record enrollment for the 2001/2002 academic year and provided information on the new retention initiative. The Enrollment Services staff, in conjunction with faculty and administrators, recently completed a series of consultations and planning workshops with Noel-Levitz. As a result, a college-wide enrollment and retention plan will be implemented this spring.

Dr. Haire and Laura Pennington recently co-authored an article for The Community College Journal of Research and Practice. The article was selected through a juried process for publication in the January 2002 issue. Dr. Haire distributed copies of the article to Board members.


Vice President Stanley reviewed the Local Revenue Analysis and State Current Expenditures for the period ending December 31, 2001.

Mr. Stanley presented the Budget Transfers, Budget Increases and/or Budget Decreases for approval. Mr. Holt made a motion that the Budget Transfers, Budget Increases and/or Budget Decreases be approved. Mr. Hyatt seconded the motion which carried.

A significant need was determined for equipment in order to update all college programs. Based on grants the college had received and an appeal from Laura Pennington, Director of Community and Research Development, to Washington, D.C., funds have been allocated from the Title III grant to pay for additional equipment purchases.


Dr. Groves and Mr. Stanley provided an update on the status of college acquisition, construction and renovation projects.

The renovation of the Business Office area of the Balsam Center is basically complete. An Asheville architect has been retained to draw preliminary designs regarding conversion of the ticket booth and concession stand in the Balsam Center main lobby into an information kiosk and switchboard/ receptionist area. The college will be using various architects for smaller campus projects in order to screen for progressive creative architects for future major building projects. State R & R funds are being utilized for a number of campus projects including the purchase of a back-up generator for the Balsam Center, an equipment storage building for Bradford Hall, new heat pumps and handlers for the Pines Building, and renovation of two Commercial Art darkrooms.

The Jackson County Board of Commissioners recently approved a property exchange with the Department of Transportation for the land adjacent to the college. The property will then be deeded to the college as a match to future bond dollars. The college continues to work with Macon County officials regarding acquiring an access road to the new Macon Campus site. A number of egress issues are being considered. A traffic study will be conducted at the site to determine the amount of usage.

Dialogues are continuing with hospital and recreation officials regarding the possibility of a joint recreation/wellness facility. A survey instrument is being designed to look at the wellness needs of the area. The survey will be a joint effort between the college, Westcare and the Jackson County recreation department. Discussions are also continuing with Fontana Regional Library representatives regarding a joint library venture. Dr. Groves met this week with the Jackson County Library Task Force and Jackson County Library Board members and the mutual intent is to go forward with a planning initiative to see if it would be feasible and desirable to look at a consolidated facility. Dr. Groves asked for the Board's consent to pursue these initiatives.

Mr. Holt made a motion that the Board of Trustees authorize the college administration to proceed with a study of the feasibility of a joint wellness center and a study of the feasibility of a consolidated library facility. Mr. Earl Hooper seconded the motion which carried.

Dr. Groves distributed and reviewed copies of a press release from Congressman Taylor's office announcing the allocation of funding to establish a rural fiber optic distribution network.

Mr. Sutton made a motion that the additions to the Full-Time Employee List and additions to the Part-Time Employee List be approved. Dr. Neslen seconded the motion which carried.

The next quarterly Board of Trustees meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 23, 2002.

The meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.

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Conrad Burrell, Chairman
Board of Trustees
Cecil L. Groves, Secretary
Board of Trustees

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