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April 27, 2004 - SCC Campus


Trustees   College Staff  
Terry Bell
Conrad Burrell
Earl Hooper
Harvey Hyatt
Leon Jones
Ed Madden
Quayle Neslen
Pete Penland
Jerry Sutton
Kate Welch
Jan Unger
Cecil Groves
Sharon Grasty
Janet Burnette
Gene Couch
Connie Haire
Dwight Wiggins
Susan McCaskill
Chuck Reece
George Stanley

The Board of Trustees of Southwestern Community College met for its regular quarterly meeting, with dinner preceding the meeting at 6:00 p.m. on April 27, 2004.

Following dinner, Dr. Groves introduced new student trustee, Virginia Cranfield, and new employee, Catherine Setser.

Chairman Conrad Burrell called the meeting to order at 6:55 p.m.

Mr. Penland made a motion to approve the minutes of the quarterly meeting of January 27, 2004 as mailed. Dr. Neslen seconded the motion which carried.


President - Cecil Groves

No report.

Business Services - Janet Burnette

No report.

Continuing Education - Dwight Wiggins

Vice President Wiggins called upon Susan McCaskill. Ms. McCaskill gave a report on recent improvements to the facilities at the Public Safety Training Center. Improvements included relining a heat simulation room used in the Fire and Safety Training program, the addition of lighting at the fire training facility, completion of a ten unit shower room, a computer lab in partnership with the National Guard, a storage facility on the driving range and a new classroom for the LBJ Job Corps business technology programs.

Instructional Services - Gene Couch

No report.

Student/Institutional Development - Connie Haire

No report.

Technology/Telecommunications - Jim Campbell

No report.


Vice President Wiggins reviewed the Continuing Education Enrollment Report comparing enrollment and FTE for Fall 2002 to Fall 2003 (V A 1-a).

Vice President Couch reviewed the Noel-Levitz Survey Results for 2003 (V B 1-a).

Dr. Couch reviewed the New Student Information (V B 1-b) which included data on the locations SCC students come from and the results of the New Students Survey conducted each fall.

Dr. Couch provided a brief update on three new programs implemented last fall. All three programs (LPN, Evening/Weekend Nursing and Surveying) are doing well.

Dr. Couch presented the Gaming Management Program for approval (V B 2-a). The program was developed as a result of conversations with officials from the Eastern Band Tribal Education and Harrah’s Cherokee Casino.

Mr. Sutton made a motion that the Gaming Management Program be approved. Mr. Unger seconded the motion which carried.

Dr. Couch presented the Medical Transcription Program for approval (V B 2-b). An accreditation change necessitated offering Medical Transcription as an independent program of study.

Mr. Bell made a motion that the Medical Transcription Program be approved. Mr. Penland seconded the motion which carried.

Vice President Haire provided a quarterly update on activities and highlights for the Student and Institutional Development area (V C 1-a). Dr. Haire presented new editions of the College’s viewbook and catalog and reviewed samples of newly designed college stationery and business cards. She noted there will be two Spring commencement ceremonies this year to accommodate the growing number of graduates. Commencement for Career Technology and Nursing graduates will be held on Friday, May 7, at 7:00 p.m. and commencement for Arts & Sciences and Health Sciences will be held on Saturday, May 8, at 11:00 a.m. Ten students from the initial group of New Century Scholars have completed their studies at Southwestern and will be graduating. Dr. Haire encouraged the Trustees to attend the events and the Trustees were polled as to their attendance plans.


Vice President Burnette reviewed the Local Revenue Analysis (VI A-1) and State Current Expenditures (VI A-2) for the period ending March 31, 2004.

Ms. Burnette presented the Budget Transfers (VI B-1) for approval. Mr. Unger made a motion that the Budget Transfers be approved. Mr. Hooper seconded the motion which carried.


George Stanley provided an update on the new Macon campus construction and presented architectural drawings of the facility. Due to high steel prices at this time, groundbreaking for the new building will be postponed until this fall. It is anticipated the building will go to bid by September. There is a possibility that Macon County will ask for a two month delay due to budget concerns, but this should not affect the bid process. At the recommendation of the architects, a raised computer flooring and modular wall system called SMEDS is being considered for the first floor of the building. All data, voice and electrical components are located in the floor at twenty feet intervals, enabling a room to be reconfigured by moving the walls. Mr. Stanley and Jim Campbell recently toured a SMEDS factory and Mr. Stanley plans to view several sites where the system is in place.

Mr. Sutton left the meeting at 7:35 p.m.

Mr. Stanley informed the Board that the Town of Webster has notified Southwestern Community College of its intent to annex the property acquired by the College fronting Highway 107. The majority of the Jackson campus was annexed by Webster in 2003. The Town of Sylva has also announced its wish to annex the property. Dr. Groves stated the College will take a neutral position in the situation although consultation with State authorities recommended it would be in the College’s best interests to continue under the jurisdiction of only one township. Mr. Stanley noted that the college does not currently receive services from either township and does not anticipate utilizing services in the future. Fire and law enforcement services are provided by the local volunteer fire departments and the Jackson County Sheriff’s office.

Dr. Groves provided an update on the status of the fiber project. The project is progressing well and fiber conduit should be in Andrews by late May. To remove any possibility of a conflict with the Ulmstead Law, the College has become a community interest partner in the BalsamWest FiberNET LLC leaving Drake Enterprise and the Eastern Band of Cherokee as the primary investment partners.

Mr. Hooper made a motion that the additions to the Full-Time Employee List (VII B-l) be approved. Ms. Welch seconded the motion which carried.

Mr. Penland made a motion that the additions to the Part-Time Employee List (VII B-2) be approved. Mr. Bell seconded the motion which carried.

Mr. Unger made a motion that the 2004-2005 Annual Local Budget be approved. Dr. Neslen seconded the motion which carried.

Dr. Neslen made a motion that the 2004-2005 Annual College Budget be approved. Mr. Penland seconded the motion which carried.

Presidential Evaluation forms were distributed to the Trustees. Evaluations should be completed and forwarded to Chairman Burrell by May 17.

Mr. Penland made a motion that the Board enter Executive Session at 8:18 p.m. for the purpose of discussing personnel issues in accord with G.S. 143-318.11(a)(6). Mr. Unger seconded the motion which carried. The Board entered Executive Session at 8:19 p.m.

The Board returned from Executive Session at 8:25 p.m.

Mr. Hooper made a motion that the Board of Trustees increase Dr. Groves’ local supplement by $1500.00 per annum retroactive to July 1, 2003. Mr. Hyatt seconded the motion which carried.

Mr. Hooper made a motion to adjourn. Mr. Penland seconded the motion which carried.

The next quarterly Board of Trustees meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 27, 2004.

The meeting adjourned at 8:26 p.m.

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Conrad Burrell, Chairman
Board of Trustees
Cecil L. Groves, Secretary
Board of Trustees

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