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Board of Trustees

Southwestern Community College

January 27, 2004, 6:00 P.M. - SCC Campus


Trustees   College Staff  
Terry Bell
Conrad Burrell
Paul Holt
Earl Hooper
Leon Jones
Ed Madden

Pete Penland
Amy Potts
Jerry Sutton
Jan Unger
Kate Welch

Cecil Groves
Sharon Grasty
Janet Burnette
Jim Campbell
Gene Couch

Connie Haire
Dwight Wiggins
Myrna Campbell
Beth Graham
Chuck Reece

The Board of Trustees of Southwestern Community College met for its regular quarterly meeting, with dinner preceding the meeting at 6:00 p.m. on January 27, 2004.

Following dinner, Dr. Groves introduced new employees, Patricia Hackett and Peter Messier.

Chairman Conrad Burrell called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.

Mr. Holt made a motion to approve the minutes of the quarterly meeting of October 28, 2003 as mailed. Mr. Sutton seconded the motion which carried.


President - Cecil Groves

No report.

Business Services - Janet Burnette

No report.

Continuing Education - Dwight Wiggins

Vice President Wiggins called upon Beth Graham. Ms. Graham provided an update on activities at the Cashiers Center and briefly detailed the programs and courses offered through the Center. The Cashiers Center has been in operation for almost six years and enrollment has increased each year by approximately twenty-five percent. Ms. Graham expressed her appreciation to the Board of Trustees for their support.

Instructional Services - Gene Couch

No report.

Student/Institutional Development - Connie Haire

No report.

Technology/Telecommunications - Jim Campbell

No report.


Vice President Wiggins reviewed the Continuing Education Class Visits report for 2003 (V A 1-a). Continuing Education has just closed out their academic year and he will present a full report at the April quarterly meeting. Mr. Wiggins reported a five percent increase in occupational FTE which will favorably impact funding for next year.

Vice President Couch presented the 2004-2005 College Calendar for approval (V B 1-a).

Dr. Couch presented Policy 5.16, Missed Curriculum Instructional Time for approval (V B 1-b). This policy was developed in response to a NCCCS requirement that community colleges have a formal policy in place to address missed instructional time.

Dr. Couch presented Policy 6.34, Curriculum Course Prerequisites (V B 1-c). This policy was developed to meet new auditing requirements.

Mr. Hooper made a motion that the 2004-2005 College Calender, Policy 5.16, Missed Instructional Time and Policy 6.34, Curriculum Course Prerequisites be approved. Mr. Penland seconded the motion which carried.

Vice President Haire called upon Myrna Campbell, Director of Enrollment Services, who is retiring effective February 27. Ms. Campbell gave a brief recap of her 30 year career at Southwestern and presented highlights of her tenure in Student Services. Major initiatives and achievements included a continued increase in enrollment, retention efforts resulting in an increase in retention of students, and implementation of technology to enable applicants and students electronic access to grades, transcripts and admission status. Ms. Campbell expressed her appreciation to the college and the Board for the opportunities she has been given at Southwestern. Chairman Burrell thanked Ms. Campbell on behalf of the Board of Trustees for her service to the college.

Vice President Haire provided a quarterly update on activities and highlights for the Student and Institutional Development area (V C 1-a). She noted the SCC Foundation recently celebrated its 30th anniversary. Trustee Paul Holt was instrumental in the creation of the organization and was honored at the celebration for his contributions and service to the Foundation.


Vice President Burnette reviewed the Local Revenue Analysis (VI A-1) and State Current Expenditures (VI A-2) for the period ending December 31, 2003.

Ms. Burnette presented the Small Balance Write-Offs (VI B-1) for approval.

Mr. Sutton made a motion that the Small Balance Write-Offs be approved. Mr. Penland seconded the motion which carried.

Ms. Burnette presented Policy 7.21, Computer Use and Technology Fee (VI B-2) for approval. Several years ago the State Board of Community Colleges approved a new policy allowing community colleges to collect a computer use and technology fee from students. Due to the increasing cost of supplies and materials needed to support the instructional computer labs, the college will begin assessing this fee in Fall 2004. Fee receipts will only be used to support the procurement, operations and repair of computer and other instructional technology.

Mr. Penland made a motion that Policy 7.21, Computer Use and Technology Fee be approved.

Mr. Holt seconded the motion which carried.


Dr. Groves provided an update on property acquisition and building projects. Efforts are still ongoing regarding acquisition of the two properties adjacent to the college. As a result of a recent meeting between college officials, DOT representatives and Macon County business interests, the architects for the Macon Campus have been asked to submit a design which would reposition the buildings on the building site. This repositioning would accommodate the possible construction of a road to connect properties owned by the county and several business entities adjacent to the new campus site. The Cashiers Center will be moving to its new location later this spring. The county is in the process of transferring the Freeman property to the college and George Stanley is working with an architect to develop plans for the space and to look at parking solutions.

Discussion was held on developments regarding the joint use library initiative. Dr. Groves presented a draft of a proposed resolution to be sent to the Jackson County commissioners which would state the college's position on the issue. A letter to the editor of the Sylva Herald would also be useful in clarifying the college's position to community members. Chairman Burrell asked the Trustees for comments regarding the proposed referendum to the November ballot regarding location of the county library. It was the consensus that Southwestern Community College does not wish to get into a divisive position with the community regarding the location of a county library.

Mr. Sutton made a motion that the proposed resolution to the Jackson County Commissioners be adopted in the format prepared by Dr. Groves and a letter be drafted to the editor of the Sylva Herald. Mr. Jones seconded the motion which carried. Dr. Groves will review the final draft with Chairman Burrell and Mr. Holt when revisions are complete.

Dr. Groves gave an update on the status of the fiber project. The project is progressing well and fiber has been installed from the main campus to the Public Safety Center in the Macon Industrial Park. Connections are now being hooked up to the Drake building. Plans are continuing for the Northern loop of the project which will extend to Bryson City and Cherokee. Dr. Groves noted the fiber installation was a great accomplishment and expressed his appreciation for the college's partners in the project and the team of knowledgeable people who have helped implement it. Press releases will be released soon regarding the initiative.

Mr. Bell made a motion that the Additions to the Full-Time Employee List (VII B-l) and Additions to the Part-Time Employee List (VII B-2) be approved. Mr. Unger seconded the motion which carried.

Mr. Penland made a motion to adjourn. Ms. Welch seconded the motion which carried.

The next quarterly Board of Trustees meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 27, 2004.

The meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m.

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Conrad Burrell, Chairman
Board of Trustees
Cecil L. Groves, Secretary
Board of Trustees

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