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July 27, 2004 - SCC Campus


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Terry Bell
Conrad Burrell
Virginia Cranfield
Earl Hooper
Leon Jones
Mary Jane Letts

Ed Madden
Quayle Neslen
Pete Penland
Robert Simpson
Kate Welch
Cecil Groves
Sharon Grasty
Janet Burnette
Jim Campbell
Gene Couch
Connie Haire
Dwight Wiggins
Chuck Reece
George Stanley

The Board of Trustees of Southwestern Community College met for its regular quarterly meeting, with dinner preceding the meeting at 6:00 p.m. on July 27, 2004.

Chairman Conrad Burrell called the meeting to order at 6:50 p.m. and welcomed newly appointed trustee, Robert Simpson.

Mr. Jones expressed his appreciation for the flowers and expressions of sympathy he received from the Board during the recent death of his mother.

Ann Melton, Jackson County Assistant Clerk of Court, administered the oath of office to trustees Conrad Burrell and Robert Simpson.

Dr. Neslen made a motion to approve the minutes of the quarterly meeting of April 27, 2004 as mailed. Mr. Jones seconded the motion which carried.


Vice President Wiggins reviewed the Spring 2004 Continuing Education Enrollment Report
(V A 1-a). Approximately 3000 students were served by Continuing Education in Spring 2004.

Mr. Wiggins distributed a brochure and provided details regarding the Leadership Jackson 2005 Institute. The institute is being offered as a collaboration between Southwestern Community College and the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce. It is modeled after a very successful program in Macon County. Mr. Wiggins gave credit to Hank Shuler, Director of the SCC Macon Center, for her efforts in developing and facilitating the programs.

Vice President Couch reported on the NC Net Grant (V B 1-a). The grant enabled the College to be designated as one of three North Carolina regional Centers for Excellence in Teaching and to implement several major projects. These included hosting a workshop featuring a nationally acclaimed speaker; production of two modules for web-based courses and creating an on-line learning resources collection of materials for teaching and learning.

Dr. Couch provided an update on the proposed Gaming Management program. The application to offer the program has been approved at the state level and discussions are continuing with Harrah’s and Tribal Education officials. At the request of the Eastern Band, implementation of the program will be postponed until Fall 2005.

Dr. Couch reported that the System Office Program Audit Services staff recently completed a program audit at SCC for Spring Semester 2002 through Spring Semester 2003. Two preliminary exceptions and one concern were identified. Dr. Couch and college administration prepared a response to the audit report and discussed the concerns with the program auditor and State Director for Program Audit Services. Following discussions, notification was received from the System Office that one final audit exception was noted for the classes reviewed, for which the college concurred.

Dr. Couch presented the revised Workload Plan - Curriculum (V B 2-a) for approval. Mr. Bell made a motion that the Workload Plan - Curriculum be approved. Mr. Hooper seconded the motion which carried.

Vice President Haire provided a quarterly update on activities and highlights for the Student and Institutional Development area (V C 1-a). She noted the May commencement ceremonies were very successful.

Dr. Haire called upon Melissa Pendergast, SCC Public Information Officer. Ms. Pendergast reviewed a list of proposed activities planned to celebrate the college’s upcoming 40th anniversary. Funding has been received from the SCC Foundation to assist with costs. The main goal of the activities will be to revive the internal and external energy and enthusiasm for Southwestern Community College. Ms. Pendergast also presented the latest edition of the SCC Career Focus publication which focuses on SCC College Transfer students. Dr. Haire noted that Ms. Pendergast has accepted a position in the private sector and will be leaving the College in August. Dr. Haire commended Ms. Pendergast for her excellent performance as Public Information Officer during her tenure at SCC. Dr. Groves and Chairman Burrell also thanked Ms. Pendergast for her efforts in marketing the College and wished her well in her new position.


Vice President Burnette reported the financial audit results for the year ended June 30, 2002 have been received from the Office of the State Auditor. No instances of noncompliance and no material weaknesses in internal control were noted. Copies of the financial audit report were distributed to the trustees.

Ms. Burnette reviewed the Local Revenue Analysis (VI A 1-a) and State Current Expenditures (VI A 1-b) for the period ending June 30, 2004.

Ms. Burnette presented the Budget Transfers (VI A 2-a) for approval. Dr. Neslen made a motion that the Budget Transfers be approved. Mr. Penland seconded the motion which carried.

Vice President Campbell reported the June 2004 information systems audit results. This was the first time the Office of the State Auditor had conducted an audit of the community college information systems. The primary object of the audit was to evaluate information systems general controls for the computer system handling the College’s financial and student records. Two suggested improvements were noted, both dealing with the development of policies. These will be addressed by the College. The auditors complimented the College on the computer center’s physical security.

Vice President Campbell provided an update on telecommunications projects. His department is in the process of upgrading computers at the various College sites. The majority of Southwestern’s Internet services are now being received via BalsamWest fiber providing a cost savings to the institution. Fiber has been installed to the Industrial Park in Franklin and conduit construction is now complete to Andrews with fiber installation to commence shortly. It is anticipated that the fiber link will encompass all the College sites this year. The College’s website was recently re-designed to match the latest college publications and the new design was implemented on July 26.


George Stanley provided an update on the progress of the new Cashiers campus site and reviewed several access and building issues which need to be addressed before the college can utilize the site. He participated in a site visit to the property last week along with a group composed of county, engineering firm and Corps of Engineers personnel.

Mr. Stanley provided an update on the new Macon campus construction and reviewed a map of the building site. Due to budget issues, Macon County has asked for a delay in the design and bid process for the new building. The College has agreed to the extension and it is anticipated the building will go to bid in January 2005. The new Macon County Library will be built on the site adjacent to the new campus. Mr. Stanley stated he was pleased with his experience working with the Macon County Library representatives and county commissioners on the construction project. Dr. Groves expressed his appreciation for the good working relationship the College has developed with Macon County.

Chuck Reece provided a report of repair and renovation projects completed on the Jackson Campus during the 2004 fiscal year.

Dr. Groves provided an update on the status of the fiber project. When the fiber loop is complete, 22 public schools will be directly connected with a capacity 667 times greater than their current level of connection. The BalsamWest partners plan to extend the fiber loop through sections of Tennessee and Georgia in order to encompass the high growth areas in those sections.

Ms. Welch made a motion that the additions to the Full-Time Employee List (VII B-l), additions to the Part-Time Employee List (VII B-2), 2004-2005 Staff and Faculty Reappointments (VII B-3) and 2004-2005 Potential Part-Time Employee List (VII B-4) be approved. Mr. Jones seconded the motion which carried.

Chairman Burrell appointed Earl Hooper ( representing Jackson County), Terry Bell (representing Macon County), and Kate Welch (representing Swain County) to the Nominating Committee for the 2004-2005 Board of Trustees officers. They will report back at the October Quarterly Board meeting.

Dr. Groves gave a brief update on the impact of the recent 2004 legislative session on the college’s budget, anticipated enrollment figures for the upcoming academic year and expansion plans for distance learning offerings. He expressed his appreciation to Virginia Cranfield for her efforts as president of the Student Leadership Association during the past year.

Dr. Neslen made a motion to adjourn. Mr. Penland seconded the motion which carried.

The next quarterly Board of Trustees meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 26, 2004.

The meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

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Conrad Burrell, Chairman
Board of Trustees
Cecil L. Groves, Secretary
Board of Trustees

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