Student Support Services

Academic Advising


Upon becoming an SSS participant, you are assigned an academic co-advisor within the SSS program and are expected to have contact with that advisor a minimum of five times a semester the first year, and no less than three times a semester for subsequent years. Student Support Services has three academic advisors:  Dominique Benson (Career Technologies), Jennifer Ashlock (Health Sciences), and Mary Lockey (College Transfer). 

SSS maintains records of your grades, copies of registration and drop/add forms, program requirements, and notes of all advisor contacts made with you, your instructors, and outside agency counselors and service providers. The purpose of such thoroughness is to be able to afford you with the most accurate and appropriate information, guidance, and services possible. When you demonstrate significant attainment, improvement in academic achievement, or fall short of stated academic goals, we believe it is important to acknowledge such endeavors, to work through academic difficulties, and to assist you in redirection. Motivation to attempt the new and unfamiliar, perseverance when things get tough, and the willingness to seek and use available resources deserves acknowledgment and appreciation.