Upward Bound

Student Quotes

What students had to say about being a part of the Southwestern Community College Upward Bound Program:
"The motivation to challenge myself to do good for me and for others." - Crystal

"A place that has helped me socialize and have more friends." - Naomy

"A great experience and I recommend it." - Christian

"A huge help and has given me many opportunities." - Lyndsi

"A great program that helps shape young adults into productive college-attending members of society." - Kristina

"Exploration of courage and confidence in ourselves." - Kylie

"Upward Bound helped me go further than I ever expected to go." - Jesse

"The best thing to happen to me! It has allowed me to make so many friends and helped me become a better person overall." - Addie

"The second family that you can always count on." - Katlyn

"A great program to be a part of because it allows you to have so many awesome opportunities. It helps you have great confidence in yourself and helps you open up. Oh, and IT'S FUN!." - Kayla

"Awesome and literally I enjoy every minute of it and I love Annette, Cheryl and Erica." - Chloe

"An amazing adventure." - Autumn

A fandidillytastic learning and experience and influences shy people to come out of their shell." - Britt

"Is full of fun and awesome people." - Alicia

"Indescribable." - Daniel

"Help achieving in school." - Jacob

"Courage and confidence in ourselves." - Kylie

"A program that makes you work hard so you can get your dreams." - Emily

"Well worth it because everyone in it is awesome." - Anonymous

"Help with high school and college preparation." - Heather

"An amazing experience, having information on college is crucial." - Anonymous

"An opportunity of a lifetime. It's opening new doors for me and leading me to a better future." - Alysia

"Help to start looking for the right college, when before I was completely clueless." - Anonymous