Minutes - Board of Trustees Meeting
Last updated 2/10/03

Southwestern Community College

April 23, 2002, 6:00 P.M. - SCC Campus


Trustees   College Staff  
Carolyn Blanton Harvey Hyatt Cecil Groves Janet Burnette
Conrad Burrell Quayle Neslen Sharon Grasty Beth Graham
Joshua Greenley Jerry Sutton Gene Couch Susan McCaskill
Paul Holt Jan Unger Connie Haire Joan Moulton
Earl Hooper Kate Welch George Stanley Chuck Reece
George Hooper   Dwight Wiggins Scott Sutton
    Hank Shuler  

Guest: Vanessa Whidden

The Board of Trustees of Southwestern Community College met for its regular quarterly meeting, with dinner preceding the meeting at 6:00 p.m., on April 23, 2002.

Chairman Conrad Burrell called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.

Mr. Holt made a motion to approve the minutes of the quarterly meeting of January 22, 2002. Mr. George Hooper seconded the motion which carried.


President - Cecil Groves

No report.

Business Services - George Stanley

Vice President Stanley reported on the situation with the college's liability insurance policy which provides coverage in addition to the State $500,000 limit. The insurer has discontinued coverage of educational institutions due to their broad basis of risk exposure. Mr. Stanley is actively searching for another insurance carrier. In the meanwhile, the college is covered under governmental immunity for costs above $100,000. It is anticipated that the premium costs will increase, however.

Continuing Education - Dwight Wiggins

Vice President Wiggins called upon Hank Shuler to provide an update on various activities and programs conducted by the SCC Small Business Center. Ms. Shuler noted the Center, headed by Russ Seagle, was doing very well and had recently received an excellent and superior rating from the auditors.

Instructional Services - Gene Couch

No report.

Student/Institutional Development - Connie Haire

No report.

Technology/Telecommunications - Jim Campbell

No report. Vice President Campbell is attending a meeting in Raleigh.


Vice President Wiggins reviewed the Class Visitation Report for Fall 2001 .

Vice President Couch reviewed Spring 2002 Enrollment Data .

Vice President Couch reviewed the updated procedure for Advanced Placement and CLEP Credit. This procedure is being revised in order to remain current and accurate.

Vice President Couch provided details of the proposed Diploma Plus program created in partnership with the Jackson County public schools. The program was developed to provide an alternative option for students who have disengaged from the high school experience. Students will take required courses at the high school during the morning and attend college courses at SCC in the afternoon. Once a model is in place, Macon and Swain County public schools will be given the option to participate in the program.

Vice President Couch presented the Early Childhood/Teacher Associate Program for approval. Mr. Holt made a motion that the Early Childhood/Teacher Associate Program be approved. Mr. Earl Hooper seconded the motion which carried.

Vice President Haire provided a quarterly update on activities and highlights for the Student and Institutional Development area and distributed an activity update report from the Community and Resource Development Office. Dr. Haire also presented to the Trustees for their review the Annual Report for 2000-2001, information on Collegiate Connections, and a compilation of published newspaper articles detailing college activities during the past three months.


Vice President Stanley reviewed the Local Revenue Analysis and State Current Expenditures for the period ending March 31, 2002.

Mr. Stanley presented the Budget Transfers, Budget Increases and/or Budget Decreases, Annual Local Budget 2002-2003, and Annual College Budget 2002-2003 for approval.

Mr. Unger made a motion that the Budget Transfers, Budget Increases and/or Budget Decreases, Annual Local Budget 2002-2003 and Annual College Budget 2002-2003 be approved. Mr. Sutton seconded the motion which carried.


Dr. Groves and Mr. Stanley provided an update on the status of college facility and property acquisition projects. Mr. Stanley distributed and reviewed copies of an aerial photograph detailing the Sylva campus and adjoining acreage. Dr. Groves reviewed PowerPoint slides of various property parcels adjacent to the college and of the future Macon Campus site.

Dr. Groves and Mr. Stanley briefly detailed possible long-term plans for the Cashiers Center. A dialogue was recently held with members of the Cashiers community regarding possible joint efforts between the community and the college regarding facilities in Cashiers.

In response to a request from the SCC Faculty Senate that salaries for college employees be made available, a list of salary information and data was recently presented to all college staff. Chuck Reece presented copies of this information and reviewed it with the Trustees.

Mr. Holt made a motion that the additions to the Full-Time Employee List and additions to the Part-Time Employee List be approved. Mr. Hyatt seconded the motion which carried.

Presidential Evaluation forms were distributed to the Trustees. Evaluations should be completed and forwarded to Chairman Burrell by May 15.

Commencement exercises will be held on May 10. The commencement speaker will be Bill Gibson, Executive Director of the Region A Southwestern Commission. Dr. Groves noted a resolution would be presented to Mr. Gibson in honor of his contributions and support of the college. Chairman Burrell encouraged Trustees to attend the ceremony.

An appreciation plaque was presented to outgoing Student Trustee, Joshua Greenley. Chairman Burrell thanked Mr. Greenley for his service as student representative to the Board. Mr. Greenley
introduced the incoming SGA president, Vanessa Whidden. Ms. Whidden briefly detailed SGA plans for the upcoming year.

Dr. Groves requested permission from the Board to prepare a resolution in honor of founding SCC president, Ed Bryson, to be presented to his family. Mr. Earl Hooper made a motion that the Board approve the preparation of a resolution in honor of founding president, Edward Bryson. Mr. Holt seconded the motion which carried.

Mr. Sutton made a motion to adjourn. Mr. George Hooper seconded the motion which carried.

The next quarterly Board of Trustees meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 23, 2002.

The meeting adjourned at 8:25 p.m.

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Conrad Burrell, Chairman
Board of Trustees
Cecil L. Groves, Secretary
Board of Trustees

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