The Transfer Process

The Transfer Process: A Brief Overview
1. Research Colleges and Majors
Transfer websites for NC public universities are linked above (under UNC-System Transfers), or simply search the schools that you are interested in. 
2. Gather Resources
Speak with an advisor in Financial Aid, fill out your FAFSA, visit the Student Support Services website, and take advantage of the Career Services
3.  Submit Applications
Start working on your college/university application approximately 8-12 months before that particular college semester/quarter starts. In other words, start early, and make sure you know your future school’s key admissions, scholarship, housing, and other deadlines. Most colleges/universities utilize electronic applications, so you’ll likely be able to create a user ID, password, as well as an electronic file, and will have opportunities to revise and edit it thoroughly before submitting it. Make sure you have proper documentation lined up, including letters of recommendation (if needed), essays, official transcripts (see below), and so forth. Regardless, you should strive to submit your application well before deadline – perhaps 2-3 months before deadline, if possible, even if you haven’t finished your final SCC semester. Doing so improves your chances of ‘getting a spot’ early, and you can always send a final, updated, official SCC Curriculum Transcript after you’ve finished your last semester… this is quite common, in fact.  If you need official SCC transcripts, visit our Registrar’s website.
4.  Visit UTAC
See a UTAC advisor to ensure that you have met all of the requirements for graduation from SCC.  Bring your updated AA/AS checklist that you began in ACA 122.
5. Complete a Commencement Application
This is generally due about two thirds of the way through you last semester.  See your Student Handbook Calendar for Commencement Application Deadlines, or you can visit the SCC homepage, and click on the “Calendar” tab.

Why – and when – you should see a University Transfer Advising Center (UTAC) Advisor:

See an advisor in order to:

Add or drop a class. Schedule adjustment period at the beginning of the term.
Build your Academic Plan.  During your first semester.
Discuss and complete withdrawal from a course. Any time before the published deadline.
Examine options when you having trouble in a course. Sooner is better than later!
Find information about universities. Any time in the semester.
Get help dealing with a personal or family emergency. As needed; let us know.
Learn more about college policies and procedures. Anytime you aren’t sure.
Pick courses for the upcoming semester. Class schedules are usually posted mid-October & mid-March.
Register for classes.  Bring your ACA 122 folder and a draft schedule with you! The best time is Priority Registration week – check SCC’s calendar.
Submit a Commencement Application. Before published deadline of your final semester.
Track your progress in accomplishing your academic goals. Anytime you change your schedule or goals.
Visit with university representatives. 
Anytime they are on campus.