Financial Aid


SCC Scholarships

The following is a brief description of scholarship programs for SCC students. Scholarships are gift money that does not need to be repaid as long as the student meets the eligibility criteria. Scholarships may be awarded based on financial need or some type of merit (such as academic), or a combination of the two. The Free Application for Financial Aid (FAFSA) is also required for many scholarship applications.

A limited number of scholarships are offered to SCC students through the SCC Foundation and other private donors each year.  The most current list of scholarships administered through SCC can be found by going to the Scholarships for SCC Students page. Students are encouraged to review the list to identify any scholarships they might be eligible for.  The SCC scholarship applications are available through an online application program, which becomes available in the spring of each year. The deadline to apply for SCC scholarships is before the end of the spring semester in order to be awarded for the following academic year. Please check our website and your student email for application announcements and deadlines as they become available. 

Outside Scholarships

Students are encouraged to pursue scholarship opportunities throughout their communities, from groups such as civic organizations and churches, and to research other national scholarships through reputable organizations and web sites. There are many organizations and agencies that offer scholarship information.  Check out the Outside Scholarships list on the Scholarships for SCC Students page for resources to help students search for available outside scholarships.