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Online Programs

The following programs have the option to complete all required courses online / web-centered.

If you are interested in taking online courses at SCC, please see our E-Learning Students page.


Associate in Arts

A10100 Associate in Arts - College Transfer
A1010T Associate in Arts - Teacher Preparation

Associate in Applied Science

A25800 Accounting & Finance
A25120 Business Administration
A25120ET Business Administration - Entrepreneurship
 A25370 Business Administration - Office Administration
A55180 Criminal Justice Technology
A55210 Cyber Crime Technology
A55220EC Early Childhood Education
A55220BK Early Childhood Education - BK Licensure
A55220NT Early Childhood Education - Non-Teaching Licensure Transfer
A25590N Information Technology - Network Management
A25590SS Information Technology - Support & Services
A25310 Medical Office Administration


C25800 Accounting & Finance
C258002 Accounting & Finance - Payroll Accounting
C258003 Accounting & Finance - Tax Accounting
C25120 Business Administration
C25120ET Business Administration - Entrepreneurship
C25370 Business Administration - Office Administration
C25370C Business Administration - Office Administration, Customer Service
C25370F Business Administration - Office Administration, Office Finance
C25120T Business Administration - Office Administration, Technology
C55180 Criminal Justice Technology
C55210 Cyber Crime Technology
C55820 Early Child Care Workforce
C55850 Early Childhood Administration
C55220EC Early Childhood Education
C55860 Early Childhood Preschool
C453603 Health Information Technology
C453601 Health Information Technology Health Informatics
C55290 Infant/Toddler Care
C25590N2 Information Technology - Operating Systems

Information Technology - Support & Services - User Support

C45400 Medical Assisting Certificate
C25310 Medical Office Administration


D25800 Accounting & Finance
D2512O Business Administration
D25370 Business Administration - Office Administration
D55220EC Early Childhood Education
D25310 Medical Office Administration

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