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Park Ranger Law Enforcement Academy (PRLEA)

Previous Titled - Seasonal Law Enforcement Training (SLET)

Since 1978*  the Southwestern Community College - Public Safety Training Center (SCC-PSTC) has been dedicated to the delivery and improvement of the National Park Service – Park Ranger Law Enforcement Academy (NPS-PRLEA) program for prospective seasonal (Type II) commissioned Law Enforcement Park Rangers.  Seasonal Law Enforcement Park Rangers may be assigned to one of more than three hundred (300) parks, monuments and other facilities within the contiguous forty-eight states, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the U. S. Virgin Islands and Guam, under the authority and jurisdiction of the National Park Service (NPS).   For additional information on the history and function of the NPS, the official National Park Service website may be accessed at:

* Then, the Western North Carolina Criminal Justice & Education Center of the Southwestern Technical Institute, located in Sylva, North Carolina.  Training Session #1 consisted of a 200 Hour Basic Training Course.

Prospective NPS-PRLEA Recruit Applicants should familiarize themselves with all content related to the application process of the SCC-PSTC.


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  • As an institution with an established reputation for providing, and commitment to,  “Excellence Through Training,” the Public Safety Training Center (PSTC) does not recruit, nor hire, for the National Park Service.  We provide public safety training.
  • Information regarding seasonal employment with the National Park Service may be obtained through the National Park Service Seasonal Operations Center (SROC) at 877.554.4550. 
  • Employment opportunities with the National Park Service may be accessed through the following Federal Job Website

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National Park Service - Law Enforcement Academy (PRLEA) Coordinator/Instructor
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