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Public Safety Training Center

Curtis Dowdle
Dean of Public Safety Training
picture of Mitch
Law Enforcement Training Program (LETP) Director/…
picture of Alan
Fire/Rescue Program Director/Coordinator/…
Photo of Amanda Blanton
Part-Time EMS Program Director/Coordinator
Photo of Zach Dezarn
National Park Service - Law Enforcement Academy (…
Photo of Daniel Reid
NC Basic Law Enforcement Program Coordinator/…
Photo of Deven Neal
Administrative Assistant - Public Safety Training…
Photo of Stephen Apel
Law Enforcement In-Service Training Coordinator
Pam Bell
Part-Time Qualified Assistant - NPS PRLEA
Part-Time EMS Clinical Coordinator
Photo of Vaudie England
Facilities Maintenance/Grounds Technician - PSTC
Photo of Benji Johnson
Part-Time Fire/Rescue Support
Photo of Bradley McAbee
Part-Time - Medical Director - EMS Curriculum…
Photo of Mark McConnell
Part-Time Facilities Maintenance/Cleaning…
Photo of Matt Reynolds
LETP Scenario Training Coordinator
Photo of Danielle Stevens
Instructional Technologist
Photo of Melissa Taylor
Part-Time EMS Assistant
Photo of Michelle Thornton
Part-Time Administrative Assistant - PSTC Law…
Photo of Debora Williams
Part-Time Administrative Assistant - Public…

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