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Law Enforcement Training Program

The Southwestern Community College (SCC) Division of the Public Safety Training  (PSTC) Law Enforcement Training Program (LETP) is responsible for, and committed to, providing the highest level of training capabilities to those who serve, safeguard and secure our communities within the State of North Carolina, our Nation's Federal level of law enforcement and essential personnel within the criminal justice system.

Guided by integrity, our commitment to excellence, professionalism, the efficient management of resources and cultivation of strategic partnerships, the LETP will provide innovative research, timely consultation, comprehensive program development, exceptional education, realistic training and continuous support for law enforcement professionals, expressed through our operational philosophy: esse quam videri* and consistent with established standards.

The LETP encompasses basic through advanced law enforcement certification training, inclusive of annual in-service training, as established by the State of North Carolina Department of Justice - Criminal Justice Education & Training Standards Commission, the State of North Carolina Department of Justice - Sheriff's Education & Training Standards Commission, the National Park Service - Law Enforcement Training Center and the Federal Law Enforcement Training Accreditation Board.

*Translated as "to be, rather than appear to be."


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Law Enforcement Training Program (LETP) Director/Coordinator/Instructor
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