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IN-SERVICE Training Requirements for detention officers from the Sheriffs' Education and Training Standards Commission: The In-service NC detention officer requirements, as outlined in the NC Administrative Code, requires that every detention officer certified by the NC Sheriffs' Education and Training Standards Commission complete 16-hours of in-service training annually. SCC-PSTC will work with all agencies to meet these training requirements. Please contact Mitch Boudrot at PSTC at 828.306.7043, for additional information.

Subjects Offered:

2021 Detention Legal Update 4 hours
2021 Followership: Being an Influential Employee 2 hours
2021 Inmate Mental Health 4 hours
2021 Physical and Mental Wellness: Building and Implementing a Plan for Improvement 2 hours
2021 Transportation and Security of Inmates 4 hours
2021 Cell Management and Control 2 hours
2021 Hazardous Materials - Detention Officer 2 hours
2021 Bloodborne Pathogens - Detention Office 2 hours


Internet connection (suggested DSL or higher connection as dial-up may timeout), Microsoft Office (Word & PowerPoint). Basic computer knowledge in Internet navigation, Word, and PowerPoint.

Registration required one week prior to the beginning date of the class. To register choose the class date and complete the online registration form. Once registration is complete students will be contacted by email with information about logging into Moodle. Class size limited to 40 students. If a class is full, the student will be notified and enrolled in the next available class.   

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