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Who Should Attend:
This 40-hour training course is for all certified law enforcement officers who are currently assigned or will be assigned as a School Resource Officer.

Course Goal:
To provide the participant with the history, philosophy and basic skills necessary to serve as a School Resource Officer.  Participants will receive instruction in school-based law, ways to handle exceptional students, and classroom instruction techniques.  

Course Objectives:
1.  Define “School Resource Officer” and discuss the history and concepts associated with the School Resource Officer program.
2.  Identify and analyze legal concepts applicable to the authority of the SRO in investigating crimes.
3.  Discuss the aspects of the educational system including techniques to correctly address students in a classroom setting.
4.  Define the term “gang” and identify methods to reduce gang-related activity.
5.  Recognize and compare disabilities covered under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).
6.  Identify risk factors and warning signs of a variety of mental health challenges common among juvenile.
7.  Demonstrate the ability to respond and engage in various role-play exercises properly.
8. Discuss strategies available to reduce the risk of violence and crime on school campuses including response to critical incidents.
9. Prepare and present a presentation designed for grade school students in a practical exercise

Course Requirements:
Attendance is required at all class sessions. The SRO must develop and teach a ten-minute presentation. A score of 80% on an exam is required for passing this course. One (1) retest is allowed.

For more information please contact PSTC-LEPT at 828.306.7040 or email:
To pre-register for FTO submit the following NCJA FTO Pre-Registration

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