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Detention Officer Certification Course (DOCC) CJC-3941



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Detention Officer Certification Course (DOCC) CJC-3941
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The North Carolina Detention Officer Certification Course (DOCC) is a State accredited program designed to prepare entry level individuals with the cognitive and physical skills to become certified detention officers. The course is comprised of twenty-two separate blocks of instruction. The Sheriff’s Commission mandated course, upon completion, will enable the graduate to be certified to work as a sworn detention officer in the State of North Carolina. This course is governed by the North Carolina Sheriffs' Education and Training Standards Commission. The North Carolina State Detention Officer Certification exam will be administered on the last day of training.

Entry Requirements:

Students employed by a Law Enforcement Agency must be given priority admission according to the North Carolina Administrative Code. All other students will be considered in the order in which initial contact with the school was made and criteria met.

DOCC Checklist

To pre-register, all prospective students must submit an application (F-3) and a signed Sponsorship letter to the School Director at REQUIRED DOCC Meeting. Also, all completed medical forms F-1, F-2A, F-2 should be submitted to the School Director by the agency or student. Satisfactory health documented by a physician is mandatory for acceptance into the program.

The following items must be submitted on the first day of class or at required meeting.

  • A copy of high school diploma/GED
  • A certified copy of arrest and driver history record for the past five years. (If sponsoring/employing agency has this information in their files, they must indicate on the Verification of Sponsorship or Employment form)




Only approved uniform type shirts and pants are required for all classroom and practical activities. Only approved outer wear will be allowed during classroom and practical setting. You will be required to purchase two (2) sets of uniform shirts and pants, one (1) fleece jacket approved to wear over uniform shirt, one (1) pair of shorts and t-shirt (worn for physical training) and one (1) safety vest. Additional clothing can also be purchased. The requirement is that trainees present themselves with a neat, clean appearance. Trainee’s who attend any activity relative to DOCC without the appropriate attire may be dismissed from training. The trainee will be required to wear black, rubber soled shoes that can be polished. The trainee will also need to have either running or cross training style sneakers for physical training. All uniforms and physical fitness attire will be ordered on the day of the DOCC Orientation, and will be paid for in advance with cash, credit card, check or a billing letter from an agency. Total uniform cost will be approximately $155.00.


For information regarding application status or specific questions concerning DOCC, contact Mitch Boudrot at the Jerry Sutton Public Safety Training Center, 828.306.7043. E-mail: m_boudrot[at]southwesterncc[dot]edu
*Registration Fee $180.00 COST:

* fee exempt if sponsored by an agency  
Trainees must provide duty belt, handcuff case and handcuffs with keys.
Handcuffs must be either chained or hinged and common brand.


Detention Officer Certification Course - Student Edition Provided by SCC-PSTC                                          
Student Insurance: (Optional) $15.00

For information regarding application status or specific questions concerning DOCC, contact Mitch Boudrot at the Jerry Sutton Public Safety Training Center, 828.306.7043. E-mail: m_boudrot[at]southwesterncc[dot]edu 

Mitch Boudrot
Law Enforcement Training Program (LETP) Director/Coordinator/Instructor

800.447.4091, ext. 7043