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Law Enforcement In-Service Training


IN-SERVICE Training Requirements from the NC Criminal Justice and Sheriffs' Education and Training Standards Commission: The In-service NC law enforcement officer training requirements, as outlined in the NC Administrative Code, requires that every police officer certified by the NC Criminal Justice and Training Standards Commission and deputy sheriff certified by NC Sheriff Education and Training Standards Commission complete 24-hours of in-service training annually. The topics for this requirement are outlined in the Code and include but are not limited to the classes listed below for 2015.  SCC will work with all agencies to meet these training requirements in traditional seat-based class or online delivery. Please call Mark Welch at the PSTC, 828.306.7052 for additional information:

NEW ONLINE FOR 2016:   Detention Officer In-service Training

  • Check web site for Begin dates for 2016 Detention training. 
  • For a complete list of classes being offered and additional information contact Matthew Reynolds at 828-306-7046

Law Enforcement In-service Training classes being offered in 2016 online & seat base:

Mandated LEO In-Service Training Topics for 2016  
2016 Firearms Training & Qualification (Not available online) 6 hrs
2016 Firearms Training Classroom (Available online) 2 hrs
2016 Firearms Qualification Range (Not available online) 4 hrs
2016 Human Trafficking Awareness 2 hrs
2016 JMST: The Color of Justice 2 hrs
2016 Legal Update 4 hrs
2016 N.C. Firearms Laws Citizens & Guns 2 hrs
Optional LEO In-Service Topics 2015  
2016 Bloodborne Pathogens 2 hrs
2016 Body-Worn Cameras/Video Evidence 2 hrs
2016 HazMat 2 hrs
2016 LE Intelligence Update 4 hrs
2016 Leadership Modeling Appropriate Behavior 2 hrs
2016 Recovery of Mobile Devices 2 hrs

2016 ONLINE Instructions:

  • Register for Class you wish to take following directions in the Registration Instructions section below.
    • Classes always start on Monday of March - November
    • All dates for registration, class posting and closing of class can be found below.
      • Complete list of 2016 Class schedules Click Here
  • You will receive an email the week prior to the start of the class with instructions on how to login to your class and changes for 2016 (READ THIS CAREFULLY & FULLY).  If you do not receive this email by Friday prior to the start date of class then please contact pbell[at]southwesterncc[dot]edu with email so that your email can be verified.
  • Class will open on Monday morning.
    • You must login and take a Baseline Assessment on each class you registered for by 11:55 p.m. on the Wednesday following the opening of the class.
    • You will then have until the close of class to complete your work. 
    • Discussion question posting will close 2 days prior to the end of class (NEW 2016)
  • All Password changes for the online system must be requested by email to:   pbell[at]southwesterncc[dot]edu

2016 "NEW" Online Class Registration Instructions:

Below is the links to each months form.  You will need to click on the month that you wish to take classes - fill out the form - make sure you click on the agree check box at the bottom - submit.
Once you have submitted you will get a pop up that tells you it has been submitted.  You will receive an email from pbell the week prior to class start with login information.  Please take that week to make sure you can login.  If you have issues please contact Pam Bell that week to help resolve the issue of login.  You will receive a second email on Monday once the classes are ready for you to begin.  As stated above you must login and take the BASELINE assessment on EACH of the classes you have signed up for before 11:55 on Wednesday following the start of class.  Once these assessments are completed you will have to the end of class date to complete your class work.  Please contact Pam Bell if you have issues (828.306.7044) or pbell[at]southwesterncc[dot]edu

SPECIAL CLASSES FOR 2016 - Due to request we will be offering the 2016 In-service classes for a Short Session in December and January.  See the links and dates below:

December Registration (click here) - Registration open until December 2.  Class will run December 5 until December 16.  Baseline Assessments will have to be completed on December 5.

January Registration (click here) - Registration open until January 19, 2017.  Classes will run January 23 until February 6, 2017.   Baseline Assessment will have to be completed by January 23.


Internet connection (suggested DSL or higher connection as dial up will time out on videos), Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Adobe Reader, Video player (example Window’s Media Player). You will need BASIC computer knowledge in Internet navigation, video player, Word, PDF files, and PowerPoint.

Registration required one week prior to beginning date of class.  Class size limited to 30 students. If class is full student will be notified and enrolled in next available class.