Faculty and Staff

Check out the following information regarding faculty and staff at Southwestern Community College:

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The institutional goals as expressed in our colleges mission statement are listed as follows:

  1. Seek excellence in learning and teaching for transfer, vocational and technical education, literacy development, business and industry training and life long learning in an accessible format to serve a diverse population.
  2. Maintain a nurturing learning environment by providing comprehensive support and intervention services for every individual.
  3. Proactively identify, acquire and maintain college resources to support the vision, mission, and goals of the college.
  4. Attract and retain quality employees and provide for their personal and intellectual growth.
  5. Develop cooperative community-based relationships which contribute to the cultural, economic, educational, and social betterment of the region.
  6. Assess institutional effectiveness as part of the planning and renewal process based on continuous improvement principles.
  7. Effectively promote the college to the community.

We place the utmost value on teaching and service excellence.  Along with our students our faculty and staff have made our community college what it is today; one of the top ten community colleges in the country.