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Physical Therapist Assistant - Admission Criteria


Suggested preparatory courses for individuals desiring a career as a physical therapist assistant would include biology, medical terminology, or other courses recommended by the program advisor. Other specific recommendations may be made through individual advising with a program advisor.

The program has a limited enrollment and only admits a class in the fall of each year. Applications and supporting documents must be completed and submitted by March 1 of the year in which the student wishes to enroll in the program. If all slots have not been filled after the above deadline, there may be extensions to the deadline. Please check with the Admissions Office about the status of the program.
PHASE I - To be completed by March 1
The applicant must:

  1. If you are not currently enrolled at SCC complete an application to the college. Designate Physical Therapy Assistant AAS Degree (A45620) as the program of interest. If you are a current student, see Admissions if you are not registered as a pre-physical therapist student.
  2. Be a high school graduate or have earned a high school equivalency diploma (GED).  Exception: current high school students
  3. Submit official copies of all transcripts (high school and college). Transcripts must be sent directly from the institution. It is the responsibility of the applicant to assure that all necessary records are sent to the Admissions Office. 
  4. Have a cumulative grade point average of 2.75 or higher on a 4.0 scale on the most recent academic transcript for the last 10 hours of college credits.If you do not have college credits, your cumulative grade point average will be taken from your high school transcript. 
  5. Demonstrate college-readiness in both English and Math based on the RISE Placement Test policy. College-readiness can be demonstrated in one of the following ways:
    1. An unweighted high school GPA of 2.8 or higher from a United States high school. Applicants with an unweighted GPA of 2.20-2.79 will be eligible for admission after successful completion of ENG-111, a college-level math course and the corresponding corequisite support courses. 
    2. Successful completion of the RISE Placement Test (English and Math). Applicants must achieve a passing score on both tiers of the English test and the first two tiers of the Math test. 
    3. Successful completion of Transition English and Transition Math courses with a grade of at least “P2”. Applicants who earned a grade of “P1” in transition classes will be eligible for admission after successful completion of ENG-111, a college-level math course and the corresponding corequisite support courses. 
    4. Completion of college-level English and Math courses with a grade of “C” or higher at SCC or another regionally accredited institution. 
    5. Satisfactory scores on the SAT or ACT. (See the Testing section for more details.) 
    6. Satisfactory scores on a high school equivalency diploma (GED or HiSET) taken in 2014 or later that place the student into ENG-111 and a college-level math class without a required corequisite support course. Applicants whose scores require that they take corequisite support courses will be eligible for admission after successful completion of ENG-111, a college-level math course and the corresponding corequisite support courses.
  6. Take the ATI-TEAS Version 7 Exam. Applicants may take the exam twice per academic year (August 1-July 31). A minimum score of 60 is required. There must be a minimum of 30 days between exams. Exam scores are valid for three years from the date of the exam. The previous version of the exam (ATI-TEAS Version 6) is acceptable as long as it was completed within three years prior to the program deadline. Refer to the Testing section for more information. For more information, visit this page.
  7. Complete ACA 111 or equivalent course with a grade of "C" or better if you do not have at least 10 hours of college credits.
  8. Contact the program coordinator to schedule an advising session. During the advising session, the point scale and observation hours requirements for applicants will be reviewed. 

All components from Phase I must be completed to allow a candidate to progress to Phase II. A point scale is utilized to determine the numerical top 40 candidates from Phase I who qualify. The Phase I point scale can be found here: PTA Program Application Criteria and Scoring

Selected applicants will be notified by the Admissions Office of provisional acceptance to the program. Once an applicant returns the signed Acknowledgement of Acceptance form to the Admissions Office.

Those individuals who are notified of acceptance status, will also be provided with SCC health forms to be completed by the appropriate medical personnel. The completed medical forms must indicate that the candidate is capable of meeting the physical requirements for the program. All conditionally accepted candidates must return the health forms at a scheduled required informational session prior to the beginning of the fall semester I. As part of this session, candidates must successfully complete a physical demands activity which includes essential abilities for the field of physical therapy. Essential Qualifications of the SCC PTA Program Student and Program Graduate


  1. Applicants are responsible for submitting all the necessary records to the Admissions Office.
  2. Applications must be updated annually by applicants who were not accepted the previous year.
  3. Applicants may take non-Physical Therapist Assistant, general education and related coursework prior to being accepted into the program.
  4. Contact your advisor for detailed information about the objective selection process.
  5. All students admitted into a health science program may be required to submit to a criminal background check and drug testing a minimum of once each academic year. Additional testing may be required by facilities in which the students are completing clinical coursework. The results of these tests could affect the student’s ability to progress in the program.
  6. All students completing a health science program may be required, by an external testing agency, to submit to a criminal background check and/ or drug test prior to a state or national licensing/certification board approving the graduate to sit for licensure/certification exams.
  7. A student who presents problems of physical or emotional health at any time throughout the program and has not responded to appropriate treatment within a reasonable period of time will be required to withdraw from the program. Any student whose behavior conflicts with safety may also be required to withdraw from the program.


PTA Program Outcome Information

Years Being Considered

Percentage of Students who Graduated from the Program

Number of Program Graduates

Percentage of Graduates Who Took and Passed the Licensure Exam on the First Attempt

Percentage of Graduates Who Took and Passed the Licensure Exam Within 2 Years of Graduation

Percentage of Graduates Who Sought and Gained Employment Within 1 Year of Graduation

Class of 2020







Class of 2021







Average Over the Past 2 Years







PTA Program Costs
Tuition 2021-22

In-state for program (76 hours)   $5,776
Out-of-state for program (76 hours) $20,368
Institutional Fees $705
Program-related Expenses  $3,978
Total Estimated Costs of the Program (in-state tuition) $10,459
Total Estimated Costs of the Program (out-of-state tuition) $25,051

*This outlines an estimation of costs for the program for the 2021-22 academic year. Costs may differ slightly from this based on a variety of factors. 


Information about filing a complaint about the program that falls outside of the realm of due process can be found here

Information about filing a complaint with CAPTE can be found here. 

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