Student Life

Active Clubs and Organizations

Anime Club - The SCC Anime Club promotes and introduces the existence of anime. Animes, licensed by the Funimation Company, will be watched and discussed. Projects will include movie days and Q&A panels.
Advisor: Grace Kehrer

Art Club - The SCC Macon Campus Art Club aims to support its members through creative challenges and opportunities for collaborative projects. Our purpose is to increase knowledge in this field, provide resources to augment development of art careers and aid with emergence in authentic art experiences through fieldtrips to museums and cultural events. Members from all SCC campuses are welcome to participate.
Advisor: Amanda Gaebel

Car Club - The SCC Car Club was established in order to strengthen the ties within the local automotive industry and create a common purpose and bond among the students. Members’ involvement ranges from special projects, to organizing and hosting car shows and other special events within the local community. Over the years we have generated funds through these events in order to support and sustain multiple scholarships and tool awards for our student members, send our students on field trips, and gain the ability to tour facilities within the automotive community such as the BMW plant. This community involvement allows our students the opportunity to witness the countless possibilities within the automotive field and also allows the industry leaders the opportunity to directly interact with the students, which could potentially lead to future employment.
Advisor: David Myers

Clay Club
- The SCC Clay Club will works to promote the appreciation of clay and the ceramic arts through workshops and field trips that enhance artistic growth and interest in the ceramics field. The club is for anyone interested in pottery, ceramics, or wishing to become professional potter or clay artist. Visit the SCC Clay Club Facebook page for more information.
Advisor: Jeff Marley

Culinary Arts Club - This organization seeks to help culinary arts students increase their knowledge of this field; makes recommendations to ensure quality and excellence within the culinary arts program; seeks to raise funds which enable the organization to attend and participate in food service related field trips and seminars; and raises funds in order to assist in the purchase of needed equipment for the culinary arts classroom.
Advisor: Ceretta Davis

Electronics Club - The Electronics Club increases members’ knowledge of their career field through field trips, contacts with business and industry and sessions with former students and graduates. Team building activities strengthen the program by building camaraderie among the students in electronics engineering technology and computer engineering technology.
Advisor: Michael Deaver

EMS Club - Epsilon Sigma Pi (EMS Professional Society) encourages awareness, concern and interest in the emergency medical care profession while promoting service and fellowship through community improvement and awareness.
Advisor:  Eric Hester
Health Information Technology Club - This club seeks to advance the professionalism of HIT majors and enable the membership to earn the necessary funds to attend related conferences. Paramount to the mission of the club is the drive to bring first and second year students together to share ideas, support each other, provide mentoring, and promote unity.
Advisor: Penny Wells

Human Services Club - The Human Services Club attempts to increase awareness of human needs within the local community and provides opportunities for students to come together as a group to meet those needs, thus supporting the knowledge, values and skills of the Human Services Professional.
Advisor: Sarah Altman

Indigenous Peoples Society (formerly the Native American Society) - This club promotes interests and participation in: 
1. Awareness and understanding in native cultural activities
2. Gatherings and education regarding all things Native American
3. Community services
4. Fostering respect for the beliefs of all people
Advisors: Jeff Marley

International Travel and Study Club - The International Travel and Study Club promotes international experiences and travel opportunities for students. Our goals are to organize international study or service learning trips, seek out regional events with an international emphasis, raise awareness of the important role of international study in the college education experience, and lastly to conduct fundraisers to help toward participants’ costs for college-sponsored international trips.
Advisor: David Jons

Latent Image Club - The Latent Image Club was organized to raise funds for participation in annual student and graduate technology seminars, to provide a means of unity and support between first and second year students, and to consider and make recommendations to ensure quality and excellence within the Radiography program.
Advisor: Meg Rollins
Medical Assisting Club - The purpose of this club is to assist students majoring in Medical Assisting in developing professionalism, developing employment skills, participating in community service and fundraising, and to provide for the discussion and practice of Medical Assisting.
Advisor: Melissa Allison
Nursing Club - The Nursing Club supports the profession of Nursing.
Advisor: Ellen Heim

Nurse Aide Club - The Nurse Aide program's goal is to provide a quality education for those wanting to pursue a nursing assistant education. The Nurse Aide Club is intended to provide quality information for current students of the program and allow for social interaction while providing positive inspiration and further education to Nurse Aides.
Advisor: Tneshia Richards

Outdoor Leadership Club - The Outdoor Leadership Club increases students knowledge of their career field through programs and trips. Team building among students creates strong leaders.
Advisor: Paul Wolf
Paralegal Club -The objective of this club is to invest in the professional educational needs of SCC Paralegal students and to provide opportunities to enhance their educational experience in the legal profession, while employing fundamental principles and techniques of sound legal practice.
Advisor: Kelly Burch
PTA Club - The Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) curriculum established an organization for the following reasons: to foster unity and support among the first and second year students, to increase student knowledge about the PTA career field; to raise funds for the purchase of new equipment and for fees associated with field trips and conventions, to inform the community about physical therapy and the health care profession, to consider and make recommendations to ensure quality and excellence within the PTA program.
Advisor: Diane Page

Ratio Christi Club - The club's goals are to facilitate discussions on matters of faith, philosophies and beliefs of all types. This is done through reason and logic as applied by academic rigors. There is no intention of proselytizing and students of all beliefs are welcome.
Advisor: Greg Smith

Respiratory Therapy Technology Club - Objectives of the Respiratory Therapy Technology (RTT) Club are to raise funds to enable club members to attend workshops and lectures, such as the North Carolina State society meeting, and to purchase educational materials and equipment; to further the education of the RTT students by attending meetings and lectures of individuals employed in the field of respiratory care; to encourage RTT students to exchange ideas and to socialize.
Advisor: Mitch Fischer

Rotaract Club - The Rotaract Club's purpose is to work as a community of professionals who will address the physical and social needs of our communities while promoting international understanding and peace through a framework of friendship and service.
Advisor: Sandra Gladden
SCC Cares - SCC Cares is an organization in which every student, staff, and faculty are members. Led by a committee of faculty and staff, SCC Cares supports and recognizes volunteerism within the SCC service areas of Jackson, Macon, and Swain Counties, as well as the Qualla Boundary. 
Sonography Club - The clubs supports the profession of medical sonography.
Advisor: Debbie Eavenson
Spanish Club - Jackson Campus - The purpose of the club is to meet and speak in the Spanish language and learn about the heritage, history, culture and current events of Hispanic countries and people and to provide community service to local Hispanic people as requested and needed on the Jackson Campus.
Advisor: Kay Wolf

Spanish Club - Macon Campus - The purpose of the club is to meet and speak in the Spanish language and learn about the heritage, history, culture and current events of Hispanic countries and people and to provide community service to local Hispanic people as requested and needed on the Macon Campus.
Advisor: David Jons

Speechcrafters of SCC - The purpose of this club is to help members improve their public speaking skills and leadership skills, as well as to help members prepare for civic responsibilities and a future career path.
Advisor: Vianne Payne

Sports & Gaming Club - The clubs' activities include a variety of indoor and outdoor competitions of both mind and body.  Indoor games will range from chess to Wii bowling to Black Ops Tourneys.  Outdoor sports could include ultimate frisbee, horseshoes,  and whatever else club members dream up.
Advisors:  Kurt Berger & Matt Cass

Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA) - The Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA) club is made up of SCC OTA students.  Its purpose iis to raise awareness in the community of what occupational therapy is and about the OTA program.  Additionally it raises money to attend professionally related activities and engages in charitable activities to give back to the community.
Advisor: Laurel Radley

Student Support Services Garden Club - The purpose of the SSS Garden Club is to help participants learn through volunteer service the knowledge and skills needed to grow vegetables and herbs by maintaining a garden plot at Cullowhee Community Garden.  50% of the harvest will be donated to the Community Table.
Advisor: Mark Ellison

Veterans Club - The Veterans Club’s purpose is to help veterans with new life goals. Membership is open to all veterans; officers must take at least one SCC class. Objectives are to empower SCC and community veterans with successful tools, unite SCC and community veterans in a common goal, and volunteer for veterans organizations.
Advisors: Sayward Cabe & Toni Knott