Information Technology

Subscribe to SCC Tweets on Your Mobile Phone


In addition to the automatic notifications sent to all students and employees (More info:, Southwestern Community College offers an optional service to receive major event updates and weather related announcements on your mobile phone. If you are interested in this service please follow these directions to start receiving our Tweets. You will also receive occasional tweets providing you with info on college events and other college news items)

(Please note: Effective 12/13/2016, Southwestern Community College will discontinue use of the @scc_critical twitter account)

  1. Send a text message with the word START to 40404
  2. You will receive a message welcoming you to Twitter and ask you to reply with SIGNUP to begin. (Please Note: If you are already a Twitter member just reply with your 'USERNAME')
  3. (Ignore this step if you previously had a Twitter account and proceed to step No. 5) You will receive a message stating that you now need a username; a name that you will be known by on twitter. Enter the USERNAME you want to use. It cannot be longer than 15 characters and must have no spaces. For example: Tweetie113
  4. Next you will receive a Congratulations message for joining Twitter.
  5. To follow Southwestern Community College Tweets send follow @SouthwesternCC.
  6. Then you will receive a message stating that you are now following @SouthwesternCC and you will start receiving Tweets from @scc_critical on your phone.
  7. You can unsubscribe to this service by sending a text message with the words OFF SouthwesternCC to 40404 at anytime to stop the Tweets.
  Delay/Cancellation of Classes Due to Adverse Weather Procedure