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Professional Exploration and Knowledge    

At Southwestern Community College (SCC), we are dedicated to enhancing our students’
success not only in academics, but also in their chosen professional careers. Our Quality
Enhancement Plan (QEP) stems from a two-year long process of identifying areas where our
students need direction and support in order to accomplish their academic and professional goals.
After analyzing data and feedback from all stakeholders, we narrowed our QEP to focus on our
students’ learning in career exploration and planning.

We have named our QEP PEAK, “Professional Exploration and Knowledge,” a name that
encompasses the plan’s two goals and their related learning outcomes that we have developed for the plan.

Those goals are:
    • To enhance student learning as related to career exploration and informed decision making
    • To strengthen student understanding of career pathways leading to success in
    career and academic planning

Through the first goal of PEAK, we will impact students early in their academic careers in order
to guide them in exploration and research in career fields that match their interests and strengths.

Then, the second goal requires students to carry those interests further in creating a concrete
career plan that articulates discrete steps to take to enhance both academic and career success.

PEAK is an institution-wide approach to giving specific, intentional focus to developing
graduates who understand and are prepared for their chosen careers. Through PEAK, we
ultimately plan to develop a culture of professionalism, exploration, and career preparation at
SCC, recognizing that our graduates positively impact our region throughout their successful
professional lives.