Commencement Instructions

Instructions for All Divisions

Graduates arrive no later than 30 minutes before the scheduled start of the ceremony.
  • Report to the 2nd floor lobby of the Balsam Center to pick up name card and line up.
  • Check card carefully for errors.  DO NOT LOSE CARD
  • If your name is difficult to pronounce, you should let us know. We will ask you to write the phonetic pronunciation on your card.
  • Graduates assemble in single line on second floor of Balsam Center.
  • Graduate processional will enter auditorium at the designated graduation ceremony time.
  • Graduates MUST wear SCC blue gown to march – no specific dress or shoes required.
  • Graduates enter from right aisle and go to the end of the first row (14 seats per row).
  • Areas for graduates will be reserved – mid section.
  • Remain STANDING upon entrance and through the invocation.
  • The President will indicate when you should sit.

At The Conclusion of the Ceremony Diploma Presentation will be as Follows:
  • The Executive Vice President for Instruction & Student Services will ask candidates to rise to present the class – he will certify you have met requirements and President will confer
  • All but the front row will be seated – FRONT ROW REMAINS STANDING
  • The Marshal will indicate when the first row starts to the stage
  • When the Marshal indicates your row is ready, THE ENTIRE ROW STANDS together and files to the stairs at the right of the stage
  • Hand your card to the Faculty Representative (you do not get the card back)
  • Proceed to the Chairman of the Board who hands you a diploma cover (The actual diploma will be mailed in 6 – 8 weeks)
  • Move to the President and shake hands (Photographer will take photo)
  • Exit to the left of the stage, RETURN TO YOUR SEAT AND BE SEATED
  • Everyone stands for the benediction and the President will indicate when students are to stand for recessional
  • Graduates exit, front row first, from right aisle as platform party exits left aisle
  • Exit all the way outside the auditorium to avoid a bottleneck