Tutor Program

Student Responsibilities

As a student receiving tutoring services, you are expected to:
  • Attend class regularly. Participate in class, read assignments, take notes, and strive for a positive relationship with the instructor and your tutor.
  • Attend scheduled tutor sessions; be on time.
  • Notify your tutor at least 2 hours in advance if a session will be missed. NOTE: 24-hour notice is preferred if you know you have a conflicting appointment.
  • Provide your tutor with a course syllabus. Tutor will make a copy.
  • Be prepared for every tutor session. Bring books, notes, questions, and homework—completed as much as possible. Understand your tutor will not DO the work for you.
  • Show respect for your tutor, and expect the same in return. 
  • Communicate with the Tutor Program Coordinator about how your tutoring sessions are going.  Report any problems or concerns.
  • Contact the Tutor Program Coordinator and your tutor immediately under the following circumstances:
          -  Withdrawal from the tutored course
          -  Decision to stop tutor sessions for the semester 
  • Complete an online Tutor Program Evaluation at the end of the semester. 


You will lose this form of tutoring during the semester if you exceed the following absences:
  • Three (3) excused absences. Excused absences can be rescheduled if the tutor and student are able to coordinate. If a session is rescheduled, the excused absence is removed.  
  • Two (2) unexcused absences; Unexcused absences cannot be rescheduled and include:
    • Not showing up
    • Arriving more than 15 minutes late
    • Cancelling less than 2 hours before your scheduled time
Your tutor is encouraged to contact your instructor(s) regarding your class attendance, progress, or any other issue related to your potential success in the course.

Tutor Program Supervisor 
Oaks Hall, Room 101 
828.339.4304 or 800.447.4091, x4304