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A+ Essentials Certification Exam (220-701) Prep:  72 hrs, 7.2 CEUs:
The class will prepare you for the first part of the Computing Technology industry Association (Comp TIA) A+ Certification.  You can earn the A+ certification after you pass two exams (220-701 and 220-702).  This class will help prepare you for the 220-701exam. Skills learned in this class will include the installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of common devices such as desktops, laptops, network and wireless devices, printers, and monitors.  You’ll also study installation and troubleshooting of common components such as CPUs, memory, disks, and power supplies.  Participants need to have an excellent working knowledge of personal computers, DOS and Windows.  Textbook required.  
Scholarships potentially available for qualifying students.    $175  + $5 (TF) + Textbook Cost

Computer Basics for the Beginner: 24 hrs, 2.4 CEUs:
Designed and recommended for the new computer user. Learn the computer basics including: proper shut down of the computer, mouse use and maintenance, use of the keyboard, identification and use of icons, windows, menus, how to name, save, retrieve and revise a document; control panel tools; hardware and software vocabulary, basics of file management, how to use some of the system tools, how to install and remove hardware and software.    $65  + $5 (TF)

Elementary Computer Basics: 8 hrs,  .8 CEUs
This basic course is designed to teach you how to use the computer in a very simple, straight-forward way.  The class will try to deal with specific questions and issues that class members are having with their computers.   It will teach you how to use the various workings of a computer to use of the internet and to use an email account. It is a short course that can be later continued on a higher level. This class is kept small so that individual attention is possible.  .      Self Supporting     $35 + 5 (TF)

File Management Short Course: 4 hrs,  .4 CEUs:
This course will help you understand the basics of managing folders and files on your computer.  You will learn how to get pictures off your camera, use a flash drive and other media and be able to find them and use them in the future.  Some basic computer skills are needed, but this is a skill that every computer user needs.  .      Self Supporting     $20 + $5 (TF)

Internet Basics: 12 hours, 1.2 CEUs:
This exciting class will show you how to set up an E-mail account, view the latest news and entertainment, common terms related to the Internet, browser functions, search engines, security, downloads, and even how to use the Internet for work!    $65  + $5 (TF)

Microsoft Publisher Workshop: 8 hrs,  .8 CEUs:
This course will focus on the basic use of Microsoft Publisher for creating newsletters, posters and other printed media.  Class members are expected to know the basics of computer use and the basics of word processing.  During the class, students will learn how to do a number of projects and use most of the basic functions of Publisher. .      Self Supporting     $35 + $5 (TF)

MS Excel: 24 hrs, 2.4 CEUs:
This course is designed for the computer literate to intermediate level user. Gain skill to create, sort filter, edit, and print spreadsheet files using Excel. Writing formulas, formatting cells, cutting, copying, and pasting cells and ranges of cells will also be covered.     $65  + $5 (TF)

MS Word: 24 hrs, 2.4 CEUs:  
This course will provide a variety of word processing skills using Word. Students will learn how to format, insert a variety of objects, use tables, headers, footers, mail merges, and run spell and grammar check along with word count. Basic computer skills are required.    $65  + $5 (TF)

QuickBooks Pro 2010: 24 hours, 2.4 CEUs:  
Learn how QuickBooks makes it easy to set up a chart of accounts, reconcile your checking account, create and print invoices, receipts and statements; track our payables, inventory, and receivables; create estimates and generate reports.    $65  + $5 (TF)

(TF) is $5 technology fee applied to each computer class.

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