Financial Aid

Eligible Programs of Study


Associate Degrees

All Associate in Arts College Transfer programs, Associate in Fine Arts, Associate in Science, and Associate in Applied Science programs — Excludes Environmental Science Technology (A20140) (1)                                                                                    



(2) Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology (D35100)

Accounting (C25100)

Automotive Systems Technology (D60160)

Accounting – Bookkeeping (C251001)

(3) Cosmetology (D55140)

Accounting – Payroll (C251002)

(2) Electrical Systems Technology (D35130)

Accounting – Tax (C251003)

Health Information Technology —Medical Coding (D45360)

Automotive Systems Technology (C60160)

Occupational Education Associate (D55320)

Business Administration (C25120)

Therapeutic & Diagnostic Services Diploma — Emergency Medical Science (D45910)

Business Administration —Electronic- Commerce Concentration (C2512I)


Therapeutic & Diagnostic  Services Diploma — Medical Assisting (D45920)

Business Administration -– Office Administration (C25370)


Therapeutic & Diagnostic Services Diploma — Nursing Assistant (D45930)

Computer Information Technology (C25260)


Therapeutic & Diagnostic Services Diploma — Phlebotomy (D45950)

(3) Cosmetology (C55140)


(3) Therapeutic & Diagnostic Services Diploma — Therapeutic Massage (D45960)

Culinary Arts (C55150)


(3)Therapeutic Massage (D45750)

Early Childhood Education (C55220)



Health Informatics (C453601)



Human Services (C45380)



Human Services Technology — Substance Abuse (C4538E)



Infant/Toddler Care (C55290)


  Nursing Assistant (C45480)
  Occupational Education Associate (C55320)


Outdoor Leadership (C55330)

  Outdoor Leadership — Wilderness Therapy (C553301)
  Web Technologies — Mobile Development (C25290M)

(1)   Environmental Science Technology AAS degree is offered in conjunction with Blue Ridge Community College. Students in this program must apply for their financial aid at Blue Ridge.
(2)   Credit hours for these programs must be converted to clock hours. This will likely result in payment of partial financial aid.
(3)   These programs are paid under a special clock hour formula that does not determine payments based on semesters or credit hours, but on clock hours and weeks completed.



Programs NOT Eligible for Financial Aid

Certificates & Diplomas Not Eligible

Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology Certificate (C35100)

Mechatronics Intermediate (C403501)

Carpentry Certificate and Diploma (C35180 & D35180)

Mechatronics Advanced (C403502)

CISCO Certificate (C25340C)

Mechatronics General Ed. (C403503)

Computed Tomography & Mag. Res. Imaging (C45200)

Medical Assistant (C45400)

Electrical Systems Technology (C35130)

Outdoor Leadership —  Emergency Medicine (C553302)

Emergency Medical Science (C45340)

Phlebotomy (C45600)

Human Services Technology – Substance Abuse/LCAS (C4538E1)

Real Estate (C25480)

Manicuring/Nail Technology (C55400)

Web Design (C25290D)

Mechatronics Basic (C40350) Welding (C50420)

Other Programs Not Eligible

Career and College Promise programs for High School Students

GED, Basic Skills, Continuing Education and Workforce Innovation classes