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In-Service Law Enforcement Pre-Registration Form - September

NC Resident
MANDATED In-Service Topics Include:
2024 Juvenile Justice Issues: Communication and Engagement - 2 Credits
2024 Firearms Training - Qualification and Non-Qualification (online) - 4/2 Credits
2024 Legal Update - 4 Credits
2024 Legislative Update - 4 Credits
2024 Domestic Violence: Overcoming Elder Abuse and Exploitation - 2 Credits
2024 Ethics: Increasing Professionalism - 2 Credits
2024 Active Assailant: Preparation and Response - 4 Credits
Total Mandated Hours available: 20/2
OPTIONAL In-Service Topics Include
2024 Citizens with Firearms - 2 credits
2024 Officer Safety - 2 credits
2024 Care Under Gunfire - Law Enforcement - 2 credits
2024 Hazardous Materials - 2 credits
2024 Bloodborne Pathogens - 2 credits
Total Topics of Choice Hours: 10
By checking this box I do hereby attest that the information contained within the online registration form to be accurate and that my position places me within NCAC .203(5) (A) or (C) for fee exemption. I also In consideration for the opportunity to participate in the Southwestern Community College training program of the undersigned participant agrees to comply with all rules, regulations, procedures and safety precautions established by Southwestern Community College in connection with the above-referenced training program and the use of the equipment and facilities associated with it. Furthermore, I acknowledge the existence of the risk connected with this program, agree to assume such risks and agree to accept responsibility for any injuries, illness, death, and property damage sustained by me in the course of participating in this program. I hereby agree for myself, my heirs, assigns, executors and administrators to release and consent not to sue Southwestern Community College, its employees, whether full or part-time, paid or unpaid, it administrators directors and agents, for any death, property damage or loss, which I may sustain as a direct or indirect result of participation in the above referenced training program. 

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