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SCC has implemented PEAK since fall of 2017, introducing new students in ACA courses to career exploration and supporting their career development throughout their journey with us and beyond.

In ACA, students will use Career Coach and its strong interest assessment tool to narrow or confirm their interests, write a reflection essay that will showcase learning, and develop a five-year career plan that is grounded in theory and informed by their choices and resources at SCC.

PEAK materials:

  1. Executive Summary Introduction for PEAK
  2. PEAK Learning Objectives for Students
  3. Five Year Plan Submission Form for Students
  4. PEAK Timeline Cycle for QEP
  5. All PEAK resources for ACA instructors, faculty, and advisors are in THIS FOLDER

PEAK will make a positive difference, not just during the first semester and ACA, but throughout our students' journeys at SCC, and beyond.

For more information about PEAK or support implementing it in your classes or programs, please contact Michael Despeaux at

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