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Improve reading, writing or math skills

The purpose of the Adult Basic Education (ABE) program is to provide an educational opportunity for anyone who needs to improve their reading, writing or math skills.

Classes are flexible; they are designed to allow for individual differences in persons who have been out of the public school system. Due to the varying levels of motivation, ability, available time, work habits and class commitment among the students, instructors work individually with students to achieve realistic goals. The program provides the student with a basic foundation to enter high school equivalency classes in order to take a high school equivalency exam or work on an adult high school diploma. Other students, who do not need the high school credential, are working on improving their skills to be more competitive in the workforce, to prepare for the college placement test, or to qualify for credit-bearing college classes.

You can start classes at any time and do not need to wait for the beginning of a new semester. We offer literacy classes in each county. Specialized classes are also established at various locations in the service area.

There is no fee for registration or for instructional materials.

Minor students (ages 16 or 17) must submit a release from the public school and parental permission is required for enrollment.

Underage Release for the Admission of a Minor Applicant

Please call Heather Stephan at 828.339.4272 to reserve a spot in an upcoming registration and orientation session.

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