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External Internet Access

WNC Internet Access Points

Check back frequently: we will add new access points as we become aware of them.

If you don’t have reliable internet access at home, we want to let you know there are locations on our campuses and in our service area counties that you can access the internet.
Please keep in mind that we don’t endorse any non-College associated WiFi networks. Please keep in mind that cyber security may be an issue. We advise against entering personal information such as social security numbers or banking info into public networks, and please exercise caution when downloading files or opening attachments from unreliable sources.

We also do not have comprehensive information about the strengths of their networks or any restrictions they have in place.
For that information, we encourage you to contact organizations and companies directly.

SCC Facility Internet Access
Jackson Campus 
(External WiFi)
Parking lots surrounding Burrell, Bradford, Founders and Oaks. Also front of Balsam Center parking lot near Student Services offices.
Click HERE for a map.

Swain Campus
(External WiFi)
Remote access from the parking lot for those who have a charged laptop. Users do not need to leave their vehicles.
Those needing power for their laptops are welcome to pull behind the building, connect to the external electrical outlets from the safety of their car. Directional signage in place.
Click HERE for a map.

Macon Campus

Public WiFi 

Click HERE for a Google Map of public access points throughout Western North Carolina.

Swain County
Bryson City (free public WiFi available throughout the town)
All community WiFi assets: Click HERE.
Note: We do not have any detailed information about the strengths of these networks or any usage restrictions placed on them. We only know they are free for public use.

Jackson County
SkyFi is currently offering a WiFi hotspot at the Sav-Mor parking lot in sylva.

Wi-Fi is now available in the senior parking lot and the front of Smoky Mountain High School. Students can log in to the JCPS network. A guest network is also available for anyone else in need of an internet connection. 

Macon County
Click HERE for a map.

Balsam West has established a drive-in WiFi hotspot that is free and open to the public at the Franklin Plaza parking lot in Franklin. The SSID is Balsamwest and the login is balsamwest . More information at Balsam West.

Macon County Schools are currently working to establish internet hotspots around their school buildings. There is currently one available at Franklin High School for those who wish to use their parking lot for access. It is a guest network and no password is required. 
For this type of access point, there are certain restrictions in place (for example, you cannot access Netflix) to keep bandwidth fast and available for everyone. Hotspots are currently in the works for Macon Middle School and several elementary schools. More information will be provided as it becomes available.

There are also open networks near the Macon County Historical Museum, Rathskeller, Outdoor76, Currahee Brewing Company and McDonald’s. 

Cherokee/Qualla Boundary
Cherokee Broadband has free public internet running through Saunooke Village to areas such as Kituwa Academy, KFC and Tribal Pawn Shop. Coverage is also available on the Island Park.
SSID is VisitCherokee and there is no password.

Please remember the federal guidelines are currently for no more than 10 individuals in any given space at one time. For your convenience, here are recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and NC Dept. of Health & Human Services.

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