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College Mission and Vision

This link will take you to the College Vision, Mission and Goals (link opens in a new window), which are summarized below.

Southwestern Community College will be an educational gateway for enriching lives and strengthening our community.

Mission Statement
Southwestern Community College is a learning and teaching institution offering high-quality, innovative instruction and support, which promotes student achievement, academic excellence and economic development.

Institutional Goals
The College Will...
1.     Provide excellence in learning and teaching for transfer, career education and literacy development in an accessible format.
2.     Provide comprehensive and effective services to enroll students and support their success.
3.     Strengthen student understanding of career pathways leading to success in career and academic planning.
4.     Generate support for students, faculty, staff and programs from internal and external sources.
5.     Enhance SCC's positive image throughout - and beyond- our service area.
6.     Provide engaged leadership in workforce and economic development.
7.     Identify, acquire and maintain resources to support the vision, mission and goals of the college.
8.     Attract and retain quality employees and provide for their professional development.
9.     Provide the services, programs and infrastructure to ensure a safe and secure learning environment.

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