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Missed Classes (Faculty Responsibilities )

Each student and faculty member must evaluate individual circumstances to determine if it is safe to attempt to attend classes on any given day. Some cases where you may not be able to meet with your class may include:

  • Weather conditions that prevent you from being able to safely make it to campus, even if the college has not cancelled or delayed classes
  • Illness
  • Other unforeseen events

In such cases, we ask you to take a few steps to communicate with the college and your students.

  1. Contact students using your preferred method of communication. (Seek assistance from your division’s administrative assistant as needed.)
  2. Contact your division Administrative Assistant to ensure a sign is posted on the door (for Traditional, Web Supported or HyFlex classes) or post an announcement in Moodle (for Web-Enhanced, Hybrid, or Online / Web-Centered classes) explaining the situation to students.
  3. When instructional time is missed for any reason, it is your responsibility to complete the following actions:
    • Provide make-up instructional activities that are comparable to the learning experience for your students (These may be offered in an online or virtual format such as video lecture).
    • Make up instruction by rescheduling classes or by other alternatives, which may include extra assignments, individual conferences, online assignments, etc.
    • Document the details in regards to missed instructional time, and provide it to the dean’s office using the Instructional Makeup Form (Fillable PDF, opens in a new window)
    • If you are full time, consider this statement from Faculty Senate on how and when to report leave.  Questions should be directed to your Academic Dean or the Human Resources department.  

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