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Student Records (Policy 6.04.07)

Southwestern Community College respects the privacy and confidentiality of student information consistent with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), which regulates the release of student information. SCC faculty members have a responsibility to retain and dispose of a student’s record according to the guidelines published in the Records Retention and Disposition Schedule by the NC Community College systems.

Any student-record information scheduled for disposal MUST be shredded. Specific requirements include the following:

  • Student advisement folder – includes individual student folders containing interview forms, student test profiles, aptitude test scores, approved schedule forms, and copies of Permanent Academic Records
  • Destroy (shred) in office after one year.
  • Medical/Health records – records used in the admission of students to selective health-science programs
  • Maintain in a secure file or office by the lead faculty member in each program.

After the student graduates from or terminates the program, the records are transferred to the Registrar’s Office to become a part of the student’s permanent Transcript Records File.
Student Records Policy – 6.04.07

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