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Syllabus and Course Outline

Course outlines and current syllabuses are maintained in the Division office. The general course outline includes course number/title, catalog description including prerequisites/corequisites, textbook information, course objectives, typical methods of instruction and student assessment. The outline provides the college’s basic assumptions about each course and assures a base level of consistency among course sections. Instructors are expected to provide much more detail on their individual course syllabuses.

The course syllabus is the contract between the instructor and the students. It should be clear and well thought out. You are also welcome to view syllabus samples from your colleagues in the divisional files. The college’s commitment to academic freedom allows you great flexibility in how you design and implement your course, but you will want to consider your policies and procedures in the context of maintaining college-level rigor and proactive student support. You will submit your current course syllabuses to the Division office each semester.  The following item are expected to be included in all syllabi:

  • Instructor Information

    • Name and Availability
    • Contact information, such as office location, hours, e-mail, phone, and URL
  • Course / Section Information
    • Term & Year – (for example, Fall 2022)
    • Course Number
    • Course Title
    • Catalog Course Description – (including prerequisites and/or co-requisites)
    • Tentative schedule of coursework (or information about how to access this information in the online course shell)
  • Course Objectives or Competencies
  • Textbook Information – (Be sure to indicate which are required and/or recommended and their ISBN numbers.)
  • Materials – (for example, discs, tools, etc.)
  • Grading Information
    • Grading Policy (How will you grade, what about late work, etc.?)
    • Grading Scale (How does a student earn an A or B, etc.?)
    • Method of evaluation (tests, papers, etc.) to include the percentages or weights for assignments/activities
  • Required Course Policies / Procedures

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