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Syllabus Requirements

  • Instructor Information

    • Name and Availability
    • Contact information, such as office location, hours, e-mail, phone, and URL
  • Course / Section Information
    • Term & Year – (for example, Fall 2012)
    • Course Number
    • Course Title
    • Catalog Course Description – (including prerequisites and/or co-requisites)
  • Tentative schedule of coursework (or information about how to access this information in the online course shell)
  • Course Objectives or Competencies
  • Textbook Information – (Be sure to indicate which are required and/or recommended and their ISBN numbers.)
  • Materials – (for example, discs, tools, etc.)
  • Grading Information
    • Grading Policy (How will you grade, what about late work, etc.?)
    • Grading Scale (How does a student earn an A or B, etc.?)
    • Method of evaluation (tests, papers, etc.) to include the percentages or weights for assignments/activities
  • Required Course Policies / Procedures
    • Attendance Policy (must be clear, specific, and reasonable; this should include requirements, consequences, and make-up work procedures)
    • Withdrawal Date and Procedure reminder
    • Academic Integrity Policy Statement — (should be clear and specific, and the consequences should be appropriate)
    • Disability Services Policy Statement  

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