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Tobacco on Campus

Southwestern Community College is a tobacco free campus. Enforcing the tobacco free policy will be a responsibility of the entire campus community. A primary objective is to educate individuals about the tobacco free policy with the expectation of compliance.

I.  Faculty Responsibility

College administrators, faculty and staff shall remind everyone of the tobacco free policy. Employees should use tact and good judgment in dealing with possible violations.

Faculty and staff who observe non-compliance of the tobacco policy have the following options:

  1. Remind the person involved of the tobacco free policy and thank them for future compliance.
  2. Provide student’s name to the College Conduct Officer.
  3. Contact the instructor or staff member of the student involved in the noncompliance so they can make an announcement in their class or department reminding students of the tobacco free policy.
  4. Report employee use to your supervisor.

II.  Students

A progressive compliance procedure is implemented for students. Early awareness of the policy should be a component of orientation and campus visits.

  1. First Offense - The student will be given a verbal warning.
  2. Second Offense - The student will be referred to the Conduct Officer and a written warning will be issued.
  3. Third Offense – The student will be referred to the Conduct Officer for a disciplinary conference that may result in suspension from campus.

III.  Employees

Failure to comply with the tobacco free policy is considered a serious willful offense. Employee violations will be handled through the regular supervisory discipline process. Continued violation of the policy after a supervisor conference will be considered insubordination that may lead to suspension or dismissal.

IV.  Visitors

Visitors to campus who fail to comply with the policy shall be given polite reminders of the policy along with a request that they comply in the future. Visitors to planned College events should be notified of the policy through event publications.

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