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Withdrawal (Administrative) Procedure

College attendance policy states that:  

Any student who has been absent for two consecutive weeks in a 16-week term or one week in shorter academic terms will be administratively withdrawn from the course. 

A student in an online or hybrid course will be administratively withdrawn following two consecutive weeks in a 16-week term (or one week in shorter academic terms) of missed assignments, missed attendance (for hybrid), and lack of communication with the instructor regarding course participation. Consistent with policies establishing attendance in online courses, logging into a course site but failing to perform the aforementioned actions does not constitute attendance.

For more information, consult College Procedure – Administrative Withdrawal Procedures

It is extremely important that the Financial Aid Office is aware of students’ attendance in their classes throughout the semester so that our initial aid disbursement and subsequent disbursements will be accurate. Processing administrative withdrawals for students who are not participating as prescribed in the attendance policy is essential to this effort.  It is equally important that this process occurs consistently for all faculty, as a missing withdrawal from one instructor will cause delays in returning funds and notifying students.

The following faculty responsibilities help us to ensure the success of our students in this regard:

  • Semester Start

    • Financial aid awards allow tuition and book charges, but are not yet disbursed.     
    • Timely and accurate census rosters help ensure that students are not overpaid.
  • Course Census Date                                            
    • Financial Aid Office removes aid for hours students with Never Attend (NA grade).
    • Advisors should be aware that any classes added after this date are not included in aid calculations.
  • 3 weeks       
    • Financial aid census date—students’ hours are locked for aid calculations.
  • 5 Weeks      
    • Grant aid and first portion of student loan aid are disbursed/ posted to students’ accounts to pay towards charges.
  • 6 Weeks      
    • First financial aid refund checks are mailed, after another review of withdrawal data.
  • Balance of weeks    
    • Student loan funds are disbursed twice more, checking for withdrawals each time.
    • Financial Aid Office reviews enrollment records looking for students with full withdrawals to calculate aid to be returned.

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